The Final “Captain America: Civil War” Trailer Is Here And We’re Not Ready


It’s less than two months until Civil War hits cinemas, and we’re going to need double that amount of time to prepare our feels.

The newest trailer gives us glimpses of everyone’s favorite web slinger (Tom Holland is wearing the spandex for the MCU) and the Black Panther. There’s Bucky, seemingly breaking free of decades of brainwashing and reaching out for Cap’s help, which is sure to put a wedge between Steve and Tony. But most importantly: the trailer hints at the implications of the Sokovia Accords, which is probably a cinematic transformation of the Superhuman Registration Act, which has long been teased to us in Agents of SHIELD and even more recently in Jessica Jones.  Make no mistake: the Civil War that will take place is because of no one man (or superhero), but because of legislation ratified by multiple world government units that targets the “gifted.”

Watch the trailer below and then leave us a comment telling us how emotionally unprepared you are.

-The Collectress