Fanfic Wednesday: “He Blinded Me With Library Science”


He Blinded Me With Library Science” by mklutz (Wattpad)

Pairings: Stiles Stilinski/Derek Hale
Fandom(s): Teen Wolf set in Potterverse

Author’s Summary


Stiles blinks. “Right, the reading room. Do you have your, uh …library card?” he asks. He’s never been able to make that sound normal and not vaguely dirty when he actually means wand. (A Potterverse AU in New York City)

My Thoughts


What? Crossovers two weeks in a row? WHO AM I.

Okay, actually this one is a fusion fic, and I know that Harry Potter fusion fics are as common as the cold, but this one is so exquisitely well done and true to the Teen Wolf characters that it could in no way be considered common.

So, some things to recommend it:

  • magical librarian!Stiles
  • oblivious!Stiles
  • a doting Derek
  • a sense of the whimsical that exists in Harry Potter, but with the biting wit of Stiles and Derek
  • Lydia, who always seems to be the mastermind in getting these two idiots to figure out their love.

Read if you love Sterek.

Happy reading,

-The Collectress


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