Lucifer Recap: “Favorite Son”

lucifer recap

This little known DC release, Lucifer, is a spin off from the very popular title The Sandman – written by Neil Gaiman. The comic series, which is under the Vertigo imprint, continues this character’s story arc within the wider DC universe – even meeting with John Constantine once! Here are my thoughts…

Spoilers ahead…

*rubs hands together*
Strap yourself in, people, because this is going to be a bumpy ride!

This week turns the emotions switch to 11 and embarks on a rough journey of relationships and loss. We begin at a shipping yard where a container is being stolen, this is juxtaposed with Lucifer at Lux performing Sinnerman on the piano (you NEED to see this). It’s probably my favourite opening sequence on the show so far!

Lucifer turns up at the crime scene to ‘assist’ Chloe, but then once it’s established to be just a straightforward boring murder/robbery he refuses to help. That is until he returns to Lux and Maze points out the container stolen was his.

He returns to an incredibly disgruntled Chloe and says he’ll help now he knows the container was his. This sets off alarm bells for the detective as the items stored in the warehouse are mostly illicit goods, this is heightened when Lucifer refuses to disclose what was inside.

Lucifer visits Dr. Linda and they have an argument surrounding his inability to be himself, vulnerabilities and all. Amenadiel then shows up after he leaves and offers help with her obviously difficult case.

Chloe sets Dan to work on finding out if Lucifer is crooked, he visits Lux to analyse their files and Maze lures him into the back and knocks him out. He wakes up in Chloe’s bed and needs to bribe Trixie to help him out without Chloe finding out. Maze then hands over the books, but they seem suspiciously squeaky clean.

They confront the biker gang that run the docks and the leader swears he knows nothing about who committed the robbery. But when Chloe describes the bracelet imprinted on the victim’s neck he obviously knows who it is. They then wait outside to tail him when he goes to meet up with the culprit, intending to reprimand him himself. But before they can intervene the thief shoots the leader and Lucifer steals the car to chase the guilty party.

Once he’s caught up with the unlucky soul he finds out the man took a look inside the container and discovered the contents. The chase leads to the roof of the building and as Chloe arrives the man throws himself off the roof rather than face Lucifer.

Lucifer seems genuinely distraught by the turn of events and his facade cracks. They both go to the container and Lucifer shows her it was filled with Russian dolls all along, once she leaves however he checks the hidden compartment only to find and empty space.

someones got them Lucifer

He then visits Linda and while there she uses her advice from Amenadiel to treat him like he IS Lucifer. He proceeds to have a complete meltdown about the duty handed to him by God and punches through the wall. Back with Maze at his apartment you realise that the missing goods are in fact his wings and Lucifer looks the most broken we’ve ever seen him.

Things we learnt this episode:

Lucifer feels a lot more than he lets on.
Chloe admits her fondness for Lucifer.
There might be a new player in town, because it doesn’t seem Amenadiel stole the wings himself!
Lucifer is scheduled to air Mondays on Fox (9/8c).

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