The Collective’s Favorite Oscars 2016 Moments

Property of Disney/ABC
Property of Disney/ABC

The 2016 Academy Awards took place on February 28, and though I have watched the awards for many years, I think that this may be my favorite ceremony in recent memory. So without any ado, here are some of our favorite moments.

The Collectress’ Favorite Moments

Ben Affleck’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

While this technically didn’t happen during the Oscars broadcast, I was looking forward to Kimmel’s after-Academy Awards special almost as much as the ceremonies themselves. Why, you may ask? Well, push play on the clip. The answer appears at 1:03.

Chris Rock’s Opening Monologue

After the controversy surrounding this year’s lack of diversity in the acting nominations, I was glad that Chris Rock opened with tackling the issue head-on, and he didn’t let up on it the entire night. It made some of the guests (and viewers) squirm in their seats, and I delighted in every second of it. Hopefully, Rock’s frank discussion of the problem in Hollywood will ensure that future award shows will be #OscarsSoDiverse. 

Lady Gaga’s Heart-wrenching Performance of “Till It Happens To You”

This year’s awards was important for so many reasons, not the least of them being that the Vice President of the United States appeared to introduce Lady Gaga’s performance and to make a statement on rape culture. Sexual abuse and crimes are so often ignored, disregarded, or marginalized, and to have Lady Gaga come forward with a group of fellow survivors to make a profoundly moving statement brought me to tears. I, too, am a survivor, and she is absolutely right when she sings, “You don’t know how I feel,” but it is only with the courage to face the systemic problem of rape culture that we can have any hope of changing it. I think that would be worth so much more than an Oscar to Lady Gaga.

The Collected Mutineer’s Favorite Moments

I have myriad favorite moments from last night’s Academy Awards, ranging from Cate Blanchett’s stunning gown to Mad Max: Fury Road‘s dominance to Lady Gaga’s emotional performance. But here are four that stood out to me for various reasons. 

Pete Docter’s Acceptance Speech

Pete Docter accepts the Academy Award for Best Animated during the 82nd Annual Academy Awards at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, CA, on Sunday, March 7, 2010.
Pete Docter accepts the Academy Award for Best Animated during the 82nd Annual Academy Awards at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, CA, on Sunday, March 7, 2010.

 Pete Docter, whose movie Inside Out won Best Animated Feature Film, gave one of the most inspirational acceptance speeches I’ve ever heard. This is the sort of thing I wish I’d been told when I was a kid. “Anyone out there who’s in junior high, high school, working it out, suffering — there are days you’re going to feel sad. You’re going to feel angry. You’re going to feel scared. That’s nothing you can choose. But you can make stuff. Make films. Draw. Write. It will make a world of difference.” 

Alejandro G. Iñárritu’s Multiple Academy Awards


Do you know how many directors have won back to back Oscars? Three. And Alejandro G. Iñárritu is one of them. He was also the first Mexican to be nominated for Best Director at the Academy Awards, and the first Mexican to win three Academy Awards. Hollywood is an industry that not only tends to exclude Black people, but also Hispanics, Asians, Arabs—you name it. Last night, when Iñárritu was awarded for The Revenant, he represented Spanish-speaking artists all over the world, and I was incredibly proud. 

Genre Films at the Academy Awards

Although there is typically a dearth of sci-fi and fantasy representation at award shows like this, the Star Wars franchise made itself known last night. Although the newest film, The Force Awakens, didn’t take home any awards, one of the biggest highlights was the presentation by C-3PO, R2-D2, and BB-8. I felt a huge connection to Jacob Tremblay in that moment. (Also, Tremblay sported Darth Vader socks and Millenium Falcon cufflinks. Officially coolest kid actor ever.) rs_480x270-160228191340-Jacob_Tremblay_reaction-1

Kate and Leo. Need I say more? 

IMG_1298 IMG_1299

That Geek Online’s Favorite Moments

Hello hello! Here are 3 of my favorite moments from Sunday’s Oscars show.

Kate Winslet’s face when Leo won


It’s no secret that Winslet and DiCaprio are very close. The Titanic co-stars are always in each other’s corners, rooting for each other at awards shows. So when Leo finally got his Oscar, Kate Winslet’s proud face was definitely a heart-warmer. Congratulations on your win, Leo!

The “Thank You” reel on screen

This year the show tried something new; a thank you reel that was displayed at the bottom the screen. The nominees were able to put the people they wanted to thank in this reel ahead of time, and focus fully on giving a great speech. Some say it was impersonal, but I think it’s more impersonal to just list names off a paper and potentially forget someone in 45 seconds.

Spotlight winning best picture

How The Revenant didn’t win, I will never understand. But despite how excellent The Revenant was, Spotlight was my favorite film out of all the nominees. I am so happy this film got the recognition it deserved!

What was your favorite Oscars 2016 moment? Tell us in the comments! 

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