X-Files Revival Recap: “My Struggle II”

xfiles recap

The last episode of the highly anticipated The X-Files 6-episode mini-series, is here. Set 14 years after the X-Files closes, featuring our favorite alien hunters and conspiracy theorists, we finally get some closure, sort of, and, with word that there will be a new series in January 2017 featuring teen Mulder and Scully in 1979, we can be sure that the TRUTH is out there, we STILL want to believe, and MSR (Mulder Scully Romance) continues to hurt so good.

Spoilers ahead, sweetie…

S10xE06: “My Struggle II”

The Phenomenon

There is A LOT going on in the finale of the revival series, so much so that it almost feels as if they needed either a few more episodes to complete the plot or a two-hour long (beloved) disaster of a film to get all the information in for us diehard fans who actually give a crap. I love this show and love this series, but even I had to suspend belief at some point, nodding my head and telling my husband to “just go with it” when the fight scene between Mulder and the goon whom the Cigarette Smoking Man sent to fetch? kill? send a message to? Mulder is in “Kill Bill” like slow motion. Okay?? Mulder takes off without a word to Scully, which means, when she finds his apartment askew, she has  a pretty bad meltdown and immediately contacts Einstein and Miller and starts believing in government conspiracies that Tad O’Malley is spouting and, spoiler, they’re all true and everything he said is right and now Scully is doing Mulder’s job, since he’s MIA.



Scully contacts an old friend who wasn’t in the original series that I can remember, which bugs me, because the revival had plenty of opportunities to include familiar faces, but alas. We are to believe that Scully has a special, alien gene that allows her immunity from viral infection that is suddenly, inexplicably, taking over the planet. This is actually a really great tie in to the previous series and I’m glad they acknowledge Scully’s alien DNA and tie it into this new narrative. Instead of ignoring the outdated alien theories, the series embraces them and shifts expectations. I have no idea how much time is supposed to pass in this episode because we get so much information–it seems like a day? weeks? No clue. But Scully has the gene and Mulder doesn’t, which is why the Smoking Man wanted to see him. He offers Mulder access to the antidote, which, of course, Mulder refuses. Meanwhile, Miller has hacked Mulder’s computer and phone GPS (why didn’t Scully think of that??) and tracked him down to the Smoking Man house in the boonies, getting to him right as he passes out.

While Mulder and Miller are having their conspiracy suspicions confirmed by the Smoking Man, Einstein is playing skeptic to Scully’s conspiracy theories about viral infection, that is, until thousands of people start dying and she finally accepts that Scully is way smarter than her. They work together to get Dana’s DNA to create a cure and finally, when everyone around her is getting sick, Scully hears from Miller and finds out Mulder is on his way to her. They meet in the middle of one of those apocalyptic bridges with hundreds of stopped cars and terrified people, there are helicopters and general military melee all about, and the four FBI agents are set to meet in the middle of the area. They reach one another and POOF! What looks like alien tech or at least like the ARV Mulder was shown in the first episode of the revival, appears above them, zaps a white light and…THE SHOW IS OVER WHAT THE ACTUAL F*CK HOW VERY DARE YOU CHRIS CARTER?????!!!!!

The Truth

It’s okay. I’m fine. Got everything back under control. But seriously?? As a long-time fan, I can’t believe those MFers are doing this to us again. The nerve! As much as it hurts, the ending is actually perfect The X-Files, leaving me with more questions than answers, the biggest one being WILL MULDER AND SCULLY KISS MORE?

I’ve been rewatching the series and recently enjoyed S07xE17, “all things”, a Mulder-free (ish) episode that focuses on Scully and her past, specifically an affair she had with a married man and how all things tie together. This episode, with its focus on Scully and how she deals with a crisis without Mulder by her side, harkens back to those old episodes, where Scully is navigating through her cancer, her familial relationships, all alone. It’s easy to be fooled into thinking that Mulder and Scully share identical experiences, but this episode reminds us that they never have and never will. I am all for the upcoming look into their respective pasts and origin stories; before they had one another to lean on and interpret information through. I love these characters and am so glad we’re going to get a spin off will harken back to Dana and Fox instead of pushing forward with two new agents (*cough* Miller and Einstein *cough*. Come on, we all thought that would be the spin off. Admit it. Although, I wouldn’t mind both, honestly.) Til next time, my Lone Gunmen and women.

Trusting No One

C. Diva

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One Comment

  1. Lisa

    Well, I’d been putting off reading this review until I actually watched the episode, which I finally did last night. And as much as I love X-Files and Chris Carter & co, I have to say that this episode didn’t even feel like The X-Files to me. It felt like somebody trying to recap four hours’ worth of plot in 45 minutes. As a devoted Phile from day 1, I honestly felt cheated.

    I sort of like the alien DNA thing, I guess, but I must have dozed off during the exposition detailing who was making everyone sick and why. Is it Cancer Man? Is the Syndicate back together? Do I care that Cancer Man is still alive? (Nothing against William B. Davis, but no, I don’t really care. It struck me as opportunistic and reeked of retread.) Was that supposed to be one of those big shocking reveals that X-Files does so well? Because…it wasn’t.

    I think I checked out about the time Mulder ran off and didn’t tell Scully. Come on! Mulder would never do that. Maybe it’s because the MSR chemistry just doesn’t play the way it used to. Or maybe I’m just in “get offa my lawn” mode where this show is concerned. Normally when other people complain like I am, I’ll say, just wait! The show’s not over yet! Let the writers finish telling their story! But it was how long between seasons 9 and 10? I’m not gettin’ any younger. Sadly, after this season, I actually wish the show had just ended in season 8 and been done.

    (Side note: the “old friend” who contacted Scully? Agent Monica Reyes from s8/s9, notably Scully’s major source of help when she was pregnant and later giving birth to William. Also, WHERE THE HELL IS WILLIAM?!?)

    End rant. Glad you liked it. Wish I did. Don’t really care about teen Mulder and Scully, but hopefully somebody does.

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