The Flash Recap: “King Shark”

Owning the consequences of our actions is a huge step to making things right, but it is usually preceded by a lot of guilt, which puts the weight of the world on our shoulders.


The loss of Jay weighs heavy on all of Team Flash, but none as deeply as Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) who was finally to the point where she was willing to open her heart and let someone in again after the tragic loss of Ronnie.

Photo 1 Greiving Caitlin

No one is more aware of this than Barry/Flash (Grant Gustin), who blames himself not just for Jay’s death, but everything that has gone wrong since he decided to travel back in time to save his Mom.

That’s a lot of bad stuff to feel guilty about and it shows. In addition, Harry (Tom Cavanagh) tells Barry and Cisco (Carlos Valdes) they need to stay quiet about everything that happened on Earth 2, especially about Joe, Iris and Caitlin’s doppelgangers.  If they knew, it could potentially change the course of things on Earth 1.

Trying hard to get back to business as usual, Barry/Flash is almost grateful when King Shark (David Hayter) escapes the confines of the A.R.G.U.S. holding tank. Still hell-bent on killing Flash, he’s headed to Central City with that one task in mind.

Sibling Rivalry

As if Barry isn’t feeling low enough, Joe (Jesse L. Martin) gets on him about making an effort to get to know Wally. Despite the need to track down King Shark, Barry gives in and agrees to help Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale) with his engineering project.

Things start off rough, but appear to take a turn for the better, until Barry sort of takes over the project, pissing Wally off and pushing him even further away.

As Barry suspected, it’s Wally who isn’t fond of him, and this couldn’t be more evident when King Shark tears the roof off the house in search of Flash.

Making a quick exit as to not reveal his identity, it doesn’t look good when Barry reappears after the threat is averted by Flash, so Wally can’t help but berate Barry, calling him a coward.

Photo 2 Wally Bashes Barry

Joe steps into to defend Barry, but this only makes things worse. Beyond annoyed, Wally storms out.

At this point Barry breaks and confesses all that he encountered on Earth 2, including watching Joe’s doppelganger die, because of him. Now he’s left an entire world at Zoom’s mercy.

How to Track a Shark

After diving into shark research compiled by Tanya Lamdon (Haley Beauchamp), King Shark’s doppelganger’s wife on Earth 1, Caitlin discovers that sharks track their prey with passive electro location. Thus allowing them to sense the bioelectric energy in the body of their prey.

Caitlin suggests they flip this and use active electro location to track King Shark. By reprogramming the satellite at Star Labs, and creating an electro grid over the water, they do just that.

Next they create a Flash lure filled with tranquilizers. The lure is a life size replica of Flash mimicking the electric field his body generates. Propped atop buoy, they wait.

Photo 3 King Shark Takes the Bait

King Shark takes the bait, but the tranquilizers are ineffective. Before King Shark can attack everyone on land, Flash leads him on a chase across the water. Once far enough from land, Flash starts circling around King Shark at mock speed, electrifying the water. With one final zap of electricity, King Shark is toast.

Photo 4 King Shark is Toast

Settling the West Family Feud

In order to put an end to the friction between Wally and Barry, Joe tells Wally the truth behind how Barry became part of the West family. Confessing he is over-protective for a good reason. Stressing things could have turned out very differently for Barry had he not done so. Ending by noting that they are both his sons and he loves them equally.

Barry’s Testimonial

Barry calls Team Flash together to apologize for all that has transpired since his time travel episode to save his Mother. Adding he owns the consequences of his actions, knowing they will haunt him the rest of his life.

Photo 5 Barry Confesses

But, he will not accept where things stand now.

Somehow, some way, he will find a way to get back to Earth 2 and put an end to Zoom once and for all. Jay’s death will not be in vain.

Zoom Unmasked

A quick glimpse on Earth 2 leaves many unanswered questions when Zoom pulls his mask off, revealing his identity is that of Jay Garrick (Teddy Sears).

Photo 6 Zoom Revealed

How many Jay Garrick’s can there be?

Does Harry know more than he’s letting on about Zoom and Jay? Is that why he states that the breaches can’t be reopened?

Did Harry create Zoom? If so, how?

On a Lighter Note 

Cisco’s genuine concern for Caitlin’s well-being brings a bit of comic relief amidst the heaviosity of all the emotional drama when he becomes obsessed with the notion that she is turning into Killer Frost. Never realizing that her behavior is just a defense mechanism protecting her heart from any more pain.

The highlight is when she comes at Cisco using the exact words Killer Frost used when denouncing the name Caitlin. When Cisco freaks, she loses her composure and he realizes that Barry put her up to the stunt.

Photo 7 Caitlin pretends to be Killer Frost

The Flash takes a three-week break and will return on March 22, so, looks like we’re left hanging until then.

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