HTGAWM S2xE10 Recap: “What Happened to You, Annalise?”


I power watched season 1 of HTGAWM so that I could enjoy the second season live and, after discovering that I have a really disturbing obsession with the topic, I’ve decided to pen weekly reviews of this ground-breaking show. If you’re not caught up with the current season, visit Netflix and watch Season 1, then go to to watch season 2 with me. Enjoy!

Spoilers ahead, Sweetie…

S2xE10: “What Happened to You, Annalise?”

The Case

After a month away, the Keating Five are back and in full effect; saving their asses, framing criminals, the murder business. There are a lot of flashbacks in this episode, per usual for this particular show, the revealed information is as tantalizing as it is confusing. But–let’s not get ahead of ourselves. First, we have Annalise, who was shot by Wes, framed Catherine, and is pissed at the Keating Five (even though she begged each one of them to shoot her). Bonnie is hovering over a depressed Annalise, and their story is mirrored in that of Laurel and Wes–in that Wes is not sleeping and Laurel is helicoptering him and lying to their friends for him. While Annalise is having a mental breakdown at home–seeing non existent babies and having visions of what looks to be Wes’ mother–Wes is suffering from insomnia and not coming to TK5 murder meetings. As a reminder, Laurel lied to everyone in TK5 and told them she’d shot Annalise, to which she admits is because everyone already blames Wes for Sam’s death and the drama they had to go through because of that. In between Asher’s day drinking and Connor’s not-so thinly veiled hatred toward Annalise, Laurel quickly has figured out what her group can handle, and so she took the blame not just for the benefit of Wes, but for everyone’s mental well being.

In the meantime, the Hapstall case is still happening (I’m bored TBH) and Annalise plus her crew have successfully convinced Catherine that she shot Annalise because Phillip drugged her. She is called to testify, but is so whacked out of her mind (and still bleeding from her gunshot wound) that everyone knows she won’t be a good witness. Everyone, that is, but Annalise. She gets on the stand and freaks out just a bit, but even on a bad day, Annalise Keating is more cunning than you or I or any of the Keating Five. Even though it seems as if she’s perjuring herself by revealing Catherine didn’t actually shoot her, Annalise effectively makes it easy to place the blame on the absent Phillip and BOOM! That’s how it’s done, kids.


The Verdict

We are getting more information about the history that Annalise and Wes share, but HTGAWM doesn’t give up information easily, so I’m guessing we’re in for a series long, drawn out explanation about the Annalise’s pregnancy, her connection to Rose, Wes’ mother, and how Annalise and Eve are connected to Rose’s apparent suicide. I also must say, I love Laurel in this episode. She reveals how deeply she cares for Wes and her friends, she doesn’t take shit from Bonnie or Annalise and she’s a damn good lawyer in training. So far, I care more about her this season than any of the other characters besides Annalise. I hope she gets more screen time.

How to Get Away With Murder is ABC on Thursdays at 10pm.

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