Supernatural Recap: “The Vessel”

Banner by the Collected Mutineer
Banner by the Collected Mutineer

Episode 11×14 AKA “Je ne regrette rien”

Well, the hellatus is over and Darkness is unleashed on the Earth in the form of a woman. Sam has hair glorious enough to rival season 8; Dean has a weird not-quite-consensual relationship with the Big Bad; and Castiel’s not here right now. I’m guessing the Winchesters won’t be getting sunshine and puppies anytime soon…Warning there be spoilers ahead.


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“The Vessel” begins in Nazi-occupied France. We meet Delphine, a Woman of Letters, who has seduced and stolen from a prominent Nazi officer. What did she take? Oh, just a little piece of something known as The Hand of God, AKA a weapon that will help the Winchesters defeat Amara in the future.

Speaking of the future, Lucifer has reclaimed Hell’s throne and is keeping Crowley around as a pet dog (no, that’s not a euphemism) and is more-than-a-little bit frustrated that his efforts to find Amara are futile. So when the Winchesters call to ask for help retrieving The Hand of God, he dons the ‘Cas Mask’ and flies off to the bunker.

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The Winchesters have discovered that The Hand of God was being taken to America by Delphine via submarine when a German ship discovered them and sank the submarine. Rather than use their super-powered ally to find said sunken treasure, they decide to travel back in time and retrieve the weapon directly from Delphine herself.

Dean and “Cas” are to travel back to WWII, and Sam will stay and hold down the bunker. The time travelling doesn’t go according to plan, however, when the submarine turns out to be heavily warded and Lucifer cannot make it past the hull. Lucifer returns to the bunker, and Dean is left alone on the submarine to find Delphine on his own.

As Sam and “Cas” search for a way to break through the warding, Dean locates Delphine and attempts to convince her, and the other sailors, that he is on a mission from the future.

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While Delphine is reluctant to believe Dean at first, he eventually convinces that he is a legacy of the Men of Letters, and that the submarine will be destroyed by the Nazis very soon.“I’m fighting a war in the future,” says Dean. “It’s not like your war; it’s big, biblical: end-is-nigh big. And I need your weapon to win.” Turns out the only way to break the warding, according to Delphine, is to kill her since the ward is written into her very blood. This means that Dean is stuck on a vessel that is doomed to sink, and without The Hand of God, the future doesn’t stand a chance against Amara.

Sam discovers a spell that will allow “Cas” to break through the warding, but the spell needs the power of an archangel to work. It is the angel’s determination to use the spell that eventually leads to Sam realising that Cas isn’t Cas. Lucifer intends to kill Sam, as he claims that he has no use for the younger Winchester any longer, but Castiel is able to regain control of their shared vessel for enough time to spare Sam and to tell him that 1) he chose to let Lucifer use him and 2) Lucifer is the only one who can save Dean from the past.

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In the past, the submarine has been found by the Nazis, because, as it turns out, Delphine’s German ex-lover turns out to be something a little supernatural. In a last-ditch effort to save them from the Nazis, Delphine uses The Hand of God, becoming a human beacon of the power of God. Lucifer arrives to save Dean right before Delphine super-novas, and in the blink of an eye they’ve returned to the bunker with The Hand of God.

Mission accomplished, right?

Wrong. The cat’s out of the bag, as Lucifer says, and now both Winchesters know the truth about their angel friend. Lucifer is banished from the bunker by a quick-thinking Sam, and the episode ends with Dean swearing to hunt Lucifer and save Cas.

Yeah, because it was so easy to trap the Devil the first time.

The Big Picture

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Misha is killing it as Lucifer-in-Castiel’s vessel. I mean that both literally and figuratively. It’s nice to see the actor show his range, and prove to us just how much perfectly he can imitate Mark Pellegrino. Now that the Winchesters know, however, I think that Lustiel’s time with us might be limited, as Dean seems pretty certain to save his angel boyfriend before taking on Amara again. Never mind that Castiel said yes to Lucifer to save Dean and Sam, and never mind that they don’t have a chance without the help of an archangel.

Women of Letters

We’ve met two women of letters this season–Eileen and now Delphine, and they were both international members. I am hoping that the writers are hinting at a worldwide membership for the Men of Letters, and that maybe we will see more of them and their history in the future. I mean, how bad ass would it be if we had MoLs from around the world coming together to kick Amara’s ass back to the void?

The Hand of God

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Although “The Hand of God” was used up by Delphine, the writers have opened the door for the Winchesters to go full Indiana Jones and go on a hunt for the Ark of the Covenant. It also hints at a possible return of ChuckGod, and really, it’s about freaking time.

Until next time,

-The Collectress

P.S. The French song which bookends the episode is “Je Ne Regrette Rien” by the songbird herself, Edith Piaf. It just so happens to be my favorite song and now it gives me all the feels.

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  1. Astrid

    You’re right about the not-quite-consensual relationship with the Big Bad. I would state non-consensual definitively.

    Dean was trying to kill her and break her spell in Into the Fire, and she pulls his puppet strings and makes him kiss her. That’s obviously no longer about free-will. Just what power of persuasion she uses is almost irrelevant, if she has the power of (an) almighty god. He’s only a human, no augmentations (anymore). Litterally he’s powerless. She calls it bliss, but really, she’s only interested in him as a pretty toy. And we can’t blame her. Hordes of people (women and men) want to use Dean as a toy. 😉

    I’m happy Sam now knows about this, or he knew already, but at least it’s out in the open. That’s great. And now Lucifer knows, which is probably really really bad.

    It’s also interesting to see a story arc where Dean is not going to be the one to save the day. The last time we saw that was season 5, or 8, when Sam’s attempt to close the gates of Hell was aborted. It’ll be hard for him to stand on the sidelines, because in my opinion he can’t be anywhere near the Darkness when things start to come to a head. He’ll be a serious liability and a pawn to use against Sam and Cas.

    As for Cassifer, I think that’s the first problem they’ll have to deal with.


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