Fanfic Wednesday: “Aeternus Eternus (you can’t choose what stays)”


Aeternus Eternus (you can’t choose what stays)” by Ellie5192 (AO3)

Pairings:  William Adama/Laura Roslin (Battlestar Galactica)
Word Count: 4817

Author’s Summary

“In another life they are young, passionate, and completely not each other’s type…”
Five-things-fic. Four other lives Laura and Bill could have lived, and one they’re living now.

My Thoughts


There are few pairings that I ship more than Adama/Roslin. Their acquaintance to enemies to frenemies to friends to lovers exhibits their undeniable chemistry and, in my opinion, cements their status as the most romantic couple in BSG.

This fic uses the 5+1 trope to offer us varying storylines for how Adama and Roslin met, and how their relationship played out in alternate universes. If you’re like me, and the thought of “Daybreak Part 2” leaves you curled up in the fetal position with an IV of wine, then this fic might be for you. The beauty of fanfiction is that it means that our favorite stories don’t have to end, and “Aeternus Eternus” gives me all  the feels because of that fact.

Enjoy if you like BSG and/or ship Adama/Roslin.

-The Collectress

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