Lucifer Recap: “Manly Whatnots”


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This little known DC release, Lucifer, is a spin off from the very popular title The Sandman – written by Neil Gaiman. The comic series, which is under the Vertigo imprint, continues this character’s story arc within the wider DC universe – even meeting with John Constantine once! Here are my thoughts…

Spoilers ahead…

‘Manly Whatnots’

This week Lucifer decides to step up his game and try to bed Chloe in an attempt to get rid of his fixation. Sadly, his beautiful breakfast plans are doomed to fail when he turns up uninvited while she is in the shower! After baring her all and almost shooting him, Trixie and Dan show up to pick up some misplaced schoolwork, truly getting the wrong idea about the proceedings.

Meanwhile, Chloe gets put on the case of a missing girl and because Lucifer is on the guest list of the main suspect and his pick up artist group, they are once again thrown together. At the mixer the girl’s brother shows up demanding to speak to group leader, he is convinced he killed his sister. Chloe assures him they are on the case and undercover, well, until Lucifer reveals her to be a cop and they get thrown out.

Elsewhere at the bar, Mazikeen gets an unexpected visit in the form of Amenadiel, he tries to get her on side to coax Lucifer back into hell. But he faces a stiff challenge from the she-devil and while Mazikeen wants to go back to Hell, she won’t betray Lucifer to do so.

After convincing them to host the pick up after party at Lux, Lucifer reveals all to Chloe while she waits for him to get ready, deeming it appropriate since he saw her naked by accident. She makes him cover up much to his distress, but not before seeing the scars from his wing removal, things get tense when she wrongly makes a move to touch them.

At the party (where Chloe wears the dress Lucifer found left behind by one of his overnight guests) things take a turn for the worst. They spot the leader as he spots them, he makes a move to escape and pulls out a gun. They manage to restrain him as he yells that they’ve killed her. It turns out the girl and he were in a relationship and she was kidnapped, they have been watching him and threatened to kill her if the police got involved.

Playing the protector as the seminar suggests, Lucifer steps up to pay the ransom on his behalf and get the love of his life back in an exchange. But things never run smoothly and they find the leader there despite being told to stay home, the kidnappers rang back and told him he needs to be there upon the exchange. When they get to the spot the kidnapper demands the money and refuses to hand over the girl, after a short struggle a gun is pulled but the leader is then shot from behind. Not by the kidnapper, but by his girlfriend! She and her brother staged the whole thing as revenge for being spurned by him years prior, now she wants the money and his death.

Lucifer thinks the whole thing is disproportionate and goes after the girl with his powers, but at that moment Chloe bursts in and sees the exchange. She asks Lucifer who the hell he is, he convinces her to shoot him in the leg to show he is telling the truth about being the devil. She does and all seems well, before he crumples over holding his leg, bleeding and cursing the pain. Chloe feels like a fool for shooting him and back up arrives to arrest the ‘kidnappers’.

Lucifer smoothes things over with Chloe’s boss and doesn’t turn her in for the shot, but he does return home in the bar almost delirious. Maze runs over to him asking what happened when he confesses he was shot AND he bled. She is concerned about the impossibility of the events and insists something is really wrong and they need to return to hell. But Lucifer states they need to stay, seeming more convinced than ever to find out what is happening to him and why Chloe is so special.

Meanwhile Chloe returns home and Trixie notices blood on her shirt. She confesses she shot Lucifer but he was ok, Trixie then infers that, when a boy throws things at a girl, he does it because he likes her, Chloe must REALLY like Lucifer.

Things learnt this episode:
– Lucifer thinks he’s losing his touch with women as Chloe continues to reject his advances.
– Maze is loyal but desperate for Lucifer to return to his former glory.
– Chloe is getting closer to finding out what is underneath Lucifer’s cool exterior.
Lucifer is scheduled to air Mondays on Fox (9/8c).

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