The 100 Recap: “Watch the Thrones” & “Hakeldama”

The 100 has returned with a vengeance. Picking up three months after the events inside Mount Weather, the delinquents and Arkers were enjoying a tenuous peace with the Grounders. But peace cannot last in a world like this, where Clarke Griffin has been hailed as the Wanheda, the Commander of Death, and the Grounder-hating Pike is elected to be the new Chancellor of Arkadia.

Spoilers ahead!

Watch the Thrones

Cate Cameron/The CW
Cate Cameron/The CW

The Ice Queen, Nia, is captured and brought before the Lexa. Nia demands a coup, rallying the majority of the coalition representatives. Nia proposes a fight to the death for the commander’s throne, in which Roan will fight on her behalf; Lexa accepts the challenge, but decides that she will fight for herself. Clarke, horrified at the idea of her only ally perishing at the behest of Nia, tries to convince Roan to take his mother’s throne for himself. She then goes to the Ice Queen saying they should work together since they both want Lexa dead. Clarke insists on a blood oath (trying to trick the queen into cutting her palm with a poisoned blade, likely provided by Roan), only to discover that Nia’s guard has the black blood of the commander line, and that neither of the Azgeda women are easily fooled.

When the fight eventually begins, it is both incredibly medieval and epic. Lexa is about to win but instead of killing Roan, she throws the spear at the Ice Queen, killing Nia on the spot. She then declares Roan to be the king of Azgeda.

Meanwhile, in Arkadia, Jasper refuses to attend the memorial for the Arkers who perished in Mount Weather, and slips out of camp. Monty follows him, worried that his former bestie will do something rash. They have an incredibly emotional scene at the dropship, but nothing appears to be reconciled. At the memorial, we see just the beginning of Bellamy’s pain. Not only did his girlfriend die in the tragic explosion, but he feels responsible for all the deaths. (Clarke-like-guilt, much?) But instead of running away as she did, he turns in his guard’s jacket, and in his vulnerable state is convinced by Pike that the Grounders are all to blame. He joins Pike’s group, who are determined to drive away the Grounder army outside Arkadia, despite the fact that the Trikru soldiers were actually sent to them for protection by Lexa. Pike’s group is arrested, but later set free after the election, in which Pike is named the new Chancellor.


Katie Yu/The CW --
Katie Yu/The CW

Lexa and Clarke are riding to Arkadia with the Ice Queen’s body, only to discover that the army they sent on ahead is all dead, save for Indra. She tells them that Bellamy spared her so that she could pass on the message, “Skaikru rejects the Coalition. This is their land now. We can leave, or we can die.” Lexa decides to call upon the 12 clans to wage war against Arkadia for this betrayal. Clarke begs the Commander to let her speak to Kane, and Indra calls him on the radio. Kane sends Octavia in his place, because Pike is watching his every move. Octavia sees the field of dead soldiers on her way to the meeting, and is horrified. She convenes with Clarke, Lexa, and Indra, explaining that Kane lost the election to Pike. Lexa is outraged that the Sky People essentially voted for the slaughter of her army. Octavia agrees to sneak Clarke into Arkadia to speak to Bellamy.

In Arkadia, Pike and Bellamy return from the massacre with some soldiers, and Hitler Trump Pike gives a rousing speech about killing all the Grounders in order to establish peace and prosperity for the Sky People. Later, Bellamy tells Pike that he thinks they went too far by killing everyone in the Grounder army. Pike brushes away his insecurities, and returns Bellamy’s guard jacket. It’s pretty obvious at this point that Pike is deep inside Bellamy’s head, as he continues to use his emotions against him.

Jaha and Otan show up, but Otan is killed outside the gate by a member of Farm Station. Jaha doesn’t seem distressed by his companion’s death, alluding to the fact that Otan remains alive in the City of Light. Jaha then meets with his old friends, namely Abby, Kane, and Pike, and they all realize that he’s changed completely, aka gone cray cray. He starts preaching about the City of Light to handfuls of Sky People, and ALIE tells him that if he can convince Raven, the others will follow. He gives Raven the same pill he gave Murphy, but she doesn’t seem convinced.

Meanwhile, Pike orders Bellamy to round up the people in the sick bay who are Grounders, interning them in the brig. Lincoln objects and hits a guard, and ends up being locked up himself. (Miller later sneaks Lincoln some medicine for one of his friends, inferring that he and others of the original 100 are likely still trustworthy, despite Pike). Octavia takes Bellamy to Clarke, where the two ex-co-leaders finally have it out. Bellamy is upset with Clarke for what he views as abandonment and betrayal, while Clarke is shocked at his change of heart toward peace with the Grounders. Both are moved to tears, but right when it seems like they might forgive each other, Bellamy handcuffs her “for her own good.” She escapes with Octavia’s help, and manages a quick word with her mother and Kane, who send her back to Lexa. Clarke convinces Lexa to choose peace over war, which upsets Indra.

Later that night, Raven, feeling defeated by her disability, breaks down and takes the pill. It doesn’t seem to work at first, but as she’s walking back to her quarters her leg begins to function normally. Shocked, she looks up to see ALIE who tells her that it’s “time to get back to work, Raven.”

Somewhere in the Trikru woods, Murphy and Emori are running scams on people they meet on the road. Emori tells Murphy she wants to go find her brother, but he doesn’t want to go with her to Arkadia. During a scam gone wrong, Murphy is about to be killed by Grounders who realize he’s one of the thieves who’s been reported to Polis; but they stop immediately when they see the pill Jaha gave him. They recognize “the sacred symbol” and decide to detain him to find out where he got it.

Wait, what?

I know, two episodes is a lot to take in. (Believe me, I binge-watched seasons 1 and 2.)

1.) What will happen to Lincoln? Aside from the fact that Ricky Whittle, who plays our favorite Grounder, has been cast in American Gods, there are a few clues that we might lose him. For starters, it’s pretty obvious that the Sky People are beginning to turn against him. Although he wants nothing but integration between Skaikru and Trikru, others can’t see past his birth. During the memorial, one member of Farm Station threw a rock at his head. He and Bellamy basically bro-broke up. Later, he’s arrested by Pike. And we know from the season 3 trailer that Octavia tells Bellamy “you’re dead to me.” At first, I assumed their strife was because of differing ideologies…but now, I fear the worst.

2.) Raven, my Hispanic home-girl, who represents vast amounts of differently abled people…what are they doing to you? I’m terrified by the temptation ALIE offers her. I want to believe that Raven is stronger than this City of Light nonsense, but I also know that she is in pretty constant pain that cannot be alieviated. She feels useless, unable to do the jobs she loves. Her relationships are deteriorating along with her self-esteem, and if what ALIE can provide fixes that? Well, she might just fall for it.

3.) I’ve seen a million posts already that discuss that scene between Clarke and Bellamy, so I won’t wax eloquently. All I will say is that both of them are hurt and confused. Clarke spent time away, and wasn’t able to see what it was like for the people she left behind. Bellamy never wanted her to leave, and on top of everything, he now feels responsible for even more deaths. Long story short, this scene made me cry, especially because at first it seemed as though they were having a much-needed heart to heart. But have hope, my fellow shippers. This hug is coming.

via Fanpop
via Fanpop

In other news, the body count is rising, and it looks like this season is the one where everyone turns on each other. Just another day in the future.

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