Lucifer Recap: “The Would-Be Prince of Darkness”

lucifer recap

This little known DC release, Lucifer, is a spin off from the very popular title The Sandman – written by Neil Gaiman. The comic series, which is under the Vertigo imprint, continues this character’s story arc within the wider DC universe – even meeting with John Constantine once! Here are my thoughts…


This week Lucifer is suffering from an identity crisis, not because of his change of heart…because he is literally being impersonated by someone in LA looking to cash in on his name! Chloe is also trying to find a reasonable explanation for Lucifer’s powers, looking up magicians techniques.

Meanwhile Chloe comes to the rescue when Lucifer attends the party of a straight edge superstar quarterback, convincing him to loosen up and lose his virginity. Unfortunately the woman with whom he absconds winds up dead in the pool by morning. Feeling guilty (I know?!) he wants to clear Ty’s name and punish the real person responsible.

The pair end up entrenched in the world of sports stardom, between a jealous ex and a protective agent it’s hard to know who has the most to gain. Once the exes car gets blown up as a message, they end up on the trail of a Hollywood fixer named Ronnie, as part of setting her up Lucifer enlists her to bring in his imposter.

Upon delivering his doppleganger, she is arrested and Lucifer unleashes his fury on the hapless would be, but not before Maze expresses her intense amusement at the situation. However at the last minute he refrains from dispensing his twisted punishment and spares the foolish human, much to Maze’s distain.

It seems all these psychotherapy sessions are paying off and he manages to gain some introspective insight into his situation. Identifying his confusion about his motives, is he doing it for the sake of punishing the guilty, or finding justice for the innocent victims?

LUCIFER:  Pictured:  Tom Ellis as Lucifer. ©2015 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: John P. Fleenor/FOX
LUCIFER: Pictured: Tom Ellis as Lucifer. ©2015 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: John P. Fleenor/FOX

Ultimately it all points back to Ty’s agent, it seems it’s all part of a campaign to keep Ty as his client, blackmailing him with the sex tape the poor girl filmed, but she wouldn’t hand it over. So he tried to get rid of the ex girlfriend by framing her for the murder and get some publicity. Lucifer loses it and launches the agent through the window with inhuman strength, a strength which Chloe cannot explain. It seems magician he isn’t…

This episode shows no signs of Amenadiel however, which only leaves me worrying about just what he has been planning behind the scenes… *gulp*

Overall we learnt Lucifer REALLY hates liars, sees himself as a sort of brand and he is gaining a sense of justice with which he cannot make peace just yet.

Lucifer is scheduled to air Mondays on Fox (9/8c).

Betakitten is a Classics student who fangirls when she should be studying. A lifelong DC, Sci-Fi and Horror fan. After writing for blogs about TV shows she ended up here with The Collective to add a little Devilry to the mix.
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