Fanfic Wednesday: “Allegiance”


Allegiance” by fullyajar (AO3)

Pairings:  Amberle Elessedil/Eretria (The Shannara Chronicles)
Word Count: 21,092
Warnings: Prepare to board a new ship. 

Author’s Summary

Amberle and Etetria get separated from the rest while fleeing the demon at the fort. They quickly find out the demon wasn’t the only thing still hunting them. With an unknown horror on their heels, Wil nowhere to be found, and time a luxury, they’re left running and fighting for their lives – and, as they realize the extent of their forced allegiance, for each other’s.

My Thoughts

So, I’ve been a longtime fan of the Shannara novels by Terry Brooks, and currently I’ve been reviewing the new MTV series every week. Having read most of the books, I know how the show is supposed to go and what ships should become canon, etc. However, it was sometime during the episode “Pykon” when I thought to myself “f**k canon.” And, well, ever since? I’ve been shipping Princess Rover.

Fullyajar’s “Allegiance” is one of the few (too few) Princess Rover fics on AO3, and it deserves so much more love and attention that it has garnered so far. First of all the majority of it was written in one weekend, and it has the kind of compelling plot and well executed pacing that some writers have to spend months trying to achieve (or, for a few of us, years). Additionally, fullyajar gives us palpable chemistry between the Elvish princess and the Rover, and the progression of their relationship feels natural because the story neither ignores the tensions between them nor seeks to smooth them over. In fact, I would say that it is the fact that Eretria and Amberle are their typical snarky selves that makes this fic one of my new favourites. It was truly a delight to read, and if that isn’t recommendation enough I’ll confess that as soon as I finished reading it, I read it again. It’s just that good.

We all know that I love a good femslash fanfic, and this one, dear readers, is one of the best. Watch the show, ship Princess Rover, and read this fic.

Shipfully yours,

The Collectress

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