The 100 Recap: “Ye Who Enter Here”

The 100 has returned with a vengeance. Picking up three months after the events inside Mount Weather, the delinquents and Arkers are enjoying a tenuous peace with the Grounders. But Clarke Griffin is being hailed as the Wanheda, the Commander of Death, and there’s a bounty on her head from the mysterious Ice Queen who wants Clarke’s power for herself.

Spoilers ahead!

Mount Weather

The CW
The CW

While Chancellor Abby, Kane, and a selection of guards have gone to Polis for a summit with Commander Lexa, Bellamy, Gina, Octavia, and Raven are taking supplies into Mount Weather. Against Kane’s better judgement, Abby has moved some people there in order to use the hospital facilities. At the same time, the now displaced Farm Station members have made themselves at home until other accommodations can be arranged in Arkadia. Octavia disagrees with the decision, which prompts a heart-to-heart with Bellamy. She confesses to her brother that she doesn’t feel as though she belongs with the Sky People, and is anxious for the kill order on Lincoln to be lifted so that the two of them can move away. Bellamy tells her that he understands if she needs to leave, but that she will always fit in with him.

Their conversation is interrupted when some guards arrive with Echo (the Azgeda girl who was in the cage next to Bellamy in season 2). She tells Bellamy that the summit is a trap, and that there is an Ice Nation assassin waiting to kill the Sky People representatives at sundown. Bellamy and Octavia take her to Pike and Sinclair to discuss their options, and eventually the decision is made: the Blakes and Pike will go with Echo to Polis while Sinclair, Raven, and Gina figure out how to arm Mount Weather’s missiles, just in case. Cause that’s an awesome plan.

Unable to break into Mount Weather’s security system, the trio decide to look for more obvious clues, like a piece of paper in the president’s office. Gina goes to look for it, and while she’s gone, Raven and Sinclair also have a heart-to-heart about her sense of self-worth. I’m sensing a theme.

Throughout the episode, we’ve been seeing snatches of the man who is undoubtedly the Azgeda assassin…only he isn’t in Polis at all. He somehow snuck into Mount Weather and is now headed straight for the president’s office. He finds Gina and stabs her before entering some codes into the computer. Even though she’s bleeding out, Gina manages to warn Raven and Sinclair via radio. The pair manage to get outside and kill the assassin, but not before he has set off the self-destruct button.


The CW (via Entertainment Weekly)
The CW (via Entertainment Weekly)

In the Trikru capitol, Lexa tells Clarke about the summit, saying that she will be returned to her people. Clarke isn’t happy with her captor, to say the least, and they immediately jump into that discussion about Lexa’s betrayal at Mount Weather at the end of last season. “You have no honor, and I had no choice,” Clarke says, insisting that their decisions were nothing alike. Lexa finally admits that in addition to giving Clarke back to her mother, she wants something else; she wants the Sky People to become the 13th clan in her coalition. While this might seem like a good idea in terms of a treaty, Clarke is skeptical. It would mean that she and her people would be subservient to Lexa.

Later, Clarke is approached by Roan, who is also still being held prisoner. Roan plants the idea to kill Lexa in Clarke’s mind, and furnishes her with a dagger. But when the opportunity comes, Clarke finds herself unable to kill the Commander. Instead, she tells her that she has an idea.

Meanwhile, Abby, Kane, and their guards have been exploring Polis. Kane seems aptly suited to connecting with the grounders, and Abby points this out, saying that because of his vision he should be Chancellor in her place. Kane refuses, and they agree to instead hold an election in Arkadia after the summit. (Wow, democracy in action.) They’re met by Indra (who is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters) and escorted to the…(Capitol building? Rickety sky scraper?…) where Clarke is being kept. The mother/daughter reunion is brief (and left me annoyed with Clarke, to be honest). Clarke is all business, telling Abby and Kane about Lexa’s desire for a 13th clan. Kane thinks it’s a good idea, since he’s seen the Azgeda army first hand and knows there’s no way the Sky People could ever face them alone, and as they say, there is strength in numbers.

The summit begins, and Clarke makes a show of bowing before Lexa to demonstrate her fealty. Lexa welcomes the Sky People representatives and makes the announcement to the other clans. Even though there appears to be some discord, no one objects—probably because they respect Clarke’s power as the Wanheda. Just as Kane is being branded (BRANDED, y’all) with Lexa’s mark as a symbol of their allegiance, Bellamy and Bros break into the room to warn their people about the assassin. Although Echo has mysteriously disappeared, and can’t back up their story, Pike informs the Chancellor that the guards they left at the Polis border were murdered in cold blood.

Right about now, Mount Weather is blown to bits.

Raven radios Bellamy to tell him what happened, and the tragic news is broadcast to the entire room. Lexa has the Azgeda representatives and Prince Roan arrested (again?), and swears to her newest clan that they will not have to face this enemy alone. She urges them to go home to their people, as long as Clarke stays behind as an ambassador. Bellamy begs Clarke to come back with them (ugh I’m having season two finale feels right now), but she simply says “I’m sorry.” That evening, when Lexa and Clarke are alone, the Commander kneels before Wanheda, swearing fealty in return; she promises that the needs of the 13th clan are now her own needs, and that the deaths of Mount Weather will be avenged.

Somewhere outside of Polis, Echo reunites with the Azgeda army, and reports to the Ice Queen saying “You got your war, thanks to the last Mountain Man.” And who should appear but that son of a bitch EMERSON.

Wait, what?

1.) I think it’s important to remember that this is a show that potentially has no good guys. Everyone has done something morally ambiguous at some point or other, and this episode reminds us of that. The world of The 100 is harsh and pretty terrifying. The decisions are hard, and the ethics behind the decisions are more often grey than black and white.

2.) To be honest, I don’t really understand Pike. He seems like a nice guy, but is also incredibly trigger happy. I can’t fathom how he or anyone else thought that having the missiles ready to launch was a good idea. Was this just a shoddy plot device, or are we learning something about the future conflicts between those who want the land to be Arker-only and those who want an alliance with the Grounders?  (Remember what we already know: Pike will be a source of discord later on, and Bellamy and Octavia will be on opposite sides of a disagreement.)

3.) While I liked the episode, I was left wondering where so many of our major players were. Lincoln? Monty? Jasper? (I sincerely hope that Monty’s mom was in Arkadia with him, and not in Mount Weather when it blew.)

4.) Emerson, you sneaky son of a bitch.

Do you think Lexa can be trusted? I mean, she straight up shoved that Azgeda representative out of her window. How about Prince Roan? Let me know your thoughts on Twitter @ImpalaMutineers.

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