Fanfic Wednesday: “Coupling”


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Oh my dear shippers, it’s been a long while since you and I got to share in some joyous fanfiction together. But I know the Collected Mutineer brought you some quality fanfiction, and don’t worry, Mummy Collectress has been doing her reading over the last two and a half months and has lots of goodies to share in the upcoming weeks.

First up: the newest ship in my armada. Meet Stormpilot.

Coupling by Mamalazzer (AO3)

Pairing(s): Poe Dameron/Finn (Star Wars)
Word Count: 2172
Warnings: You may have a new ship after this.

Author’s Summary

Everyone on the base thinks Finn is dating Poe, which is pretty frustrating for Finn himself because really, chance would be a fine thing.

Featuring insane pilots, an all-knowing Rey and Admiral Ackbar’s impressive gills.

My Thoughts

This one is short, I know, but trust me this is the gateway to Stormpilot shipping. I mean, really, I could read 200,000 words of these two idiots being in love, but for having been posted a mere four or five days after Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released, the author has impressively captured the characterisation of our new favorite space heroes.

The moment when we boarded a new ship. Via

It’s a post-TFA fic, in which Finn is hilariously out-of-the-loop, Rey ships it, and General Leia is all-knowing. Honestly? I haven’t had this much fun reading a fanfiction since I read the Toasterverse from the Marvel fandom. It’s well-written; it’s cute, and my cheeks still hurt from grinning about these two adorable cinnamon rolls.

Read if you’re into Stormpilot, you like Star Wars slash fic, or you’re looking for a pairing that could take over the galaxy.

-The Collectress

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