The 100 Recap: “Wanheda: Part Two”

The 100 has returned with a vengeance. Picking up three months after the events inside Mount Weather, the delinquents and Arkers are enjoying a tenuous peace with the Grounders. But Clarke Griffin is being hailed as the Wanheda, the Commander of Death, and there’s a bounty on her head from the mysterious Ice Queen who wants Clarke’s power for herself.

Spoilers ahead!

Arkadia | Mount Weather

The CW

A badly injured Nyko comes to Arkadia, seeing medical attention from Abby. He was wounded by Ice Nation warriors, and is in need of a blood transfusion. But because he has a different blood type, Abby can’t do anything without using the medical facilities inside Mount Weather. Although it looks bad for the Sky People to continue to use the mountain, Lincoln and Octavia ask her to save Nyko. Abby agrees, and tells Jasper that he has to accompany them in order to face his feelings. Once inside the mountain, they are able to give Nyko the transfusion successfully. Jackson urges Abby to reconsider using Mount Weather, since its resources could help both the Sky People and the Trikru.

While everyone else is in the hospital, Jasper goes to the art warehouse, tearing it apart until he locates Maya’s favorite painting. Octavia finds him staring at it and sits down next to him. She tells him that things will get better, but he simply asks “when?”

Grounder Territory

The CW
The CW

The range rover containing Bellamy, Monty, Kane, and Indra was not trapped by grounders, but by the missing members of Farm Station. Two of the warriors are revealed to be Monty’s mother Hannah, and one of the teachers from the Ark, Pike. Of the fallen Farm Station there are 63 survivors, but Monty is devastated to learn that his father has died. Pike, who appears to be in charge, is likeable, but has a fierce hatred of grounders. Kane brushes this off, and insists that the Farm Station survivors come to Arkadia. Pike sends the other warriors to retrieve the survivors while he and Hannah join the search for Clarke.

At the trading post, they find Niylah being beat up by another bounty hunter. Bellamy saves her, and she tells him that Clarke had been there the night before. They follow the tracks left by Roan, and as they begin to cross a field, Bellamy sees Clarke and Roan in the distance. He wants to go after her, but Pike stops him when they realize that an Ice Nation army is approaching. They hide in a cave to wait the army out while Indra goes to warn the Commander that Azgeda is on Trikru land. Worried that they will lose the trail, Bellamy steals an Azgeda scount uniform and sneaks out of the cave to look for Clarke.

The CW
The CW

Meanwhile, Clarke has attempted to escape from Roan, but is unable to overpower him. When she realizes that he’s from the Ice Nation, she seems intrigued that he didn’t hand her over to the Azgeda army. Instead, he takes her to an abandoned subway station to hide from the warriors. Clarke asks why he wants to take her to the Ice Nation queen if he isn’t loyal to Azgeda. Roan says that he was banished, and Clarke is his way home.

Bellamy locates the subway station and realizes Clarke is inside. He finds her tied up, and tells he he’s going to get her out when Roan appears from the shadows and pins Bellamy to the ground. Clarke begs Roan not to kill him, and swears that she will stop fighting if he’ll let Bellamy live. Roan agrees, but stabs Bellamy in the leg to ensure they aren’t followed. Bellamy attempts to track them regardless, and is found by Monty, Kane, Hannah, and Pike. Although Bellamy is distraught at the thought of losing Clarke, Monty convinces him to get his injury tended to first, saying that they will find her later.

Roan takes Clarke to Polis, where he delivers her to Commander Lexa. He demands that Lexa lift his banishment as a reward, but the commander refuses, telling him that his mother’s army is marching on Polis. Both Clarke and Roan are dragged away, but not before Clarke spits in Lexa’s face and manages to get in a few choice words.


The CW

As Jaha is meditating on the boat, we see the first glimpse of an empty City of Light. Jaha promises ALIE that he will help her fill it with the Sky People. He is jarred from his meditation when the boat lands on a shore somewhere, and Emori explains that they will be going around the Dead Zone instead of through it.

Jaha and Otan (Emori’s brother) go for a walk and Gideon (the creepy butler guy) sits down to meditate. Emori tells Murphy about how she and her brother began to gather tech for ALIE and give it to the drone that buzzes around the island. She mentions that they happen to have another buyer, however, and that she is going to steal the silver case brought on board by Gideon. Gideon overhears, and tries to strangle her, but she stabs him in the neck. She and Murphy run back to the boat to wait for her brother, where they open the case. When Murphy sees that the tech has an infinity symbol, he realizes that the case actually houses ALIE. Otan finally returns, but demands that Murphy give him the case, even threatening to kill his sister. In return, Murphy threatens to drop the case into the water, and Jaha orders Otan to let Emori go. Murphy throws the case as far as he can, and he and Emori escape on the boat.

Jaha goes back to the City of Light and reports to ALIE. Otan is there as well, but his previously disfigured face is clean of any marks. ALIE tells Jaha that aside from no pain, there is also no death in the City of Light as Gideon appears.

Wait, what?

The CW
The CW

1.) Definitely virtual reality.

2.) Is Monty, my precious Monty, finally getting a full-fledged storyline??

3.) The writers and producers have mentioned that we’re going to get a better glimpse of grounder culture, and we can already see the beginnings of that in this episode. Not only did we see Polis for a moment, but we now know that the Azgeda have royalty; it isn’t just an Ice Queen, but we’ve got ourselves a black sheep prince.

4.) That reunion was everything. I could wax eloquently, or you could just look at this beautiful gif over and over like I do.

May we meet again,

The Collected Mutineer

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