The X-Files Revival Recap: “Founder’s Mutation”

xfiles recap

The X-Files are back for a highly anticipated 6-episode mini-series, set 14 years after the X-Files closes, featuring our favorite alien hunters and conspiracy theorists. So far, we know the TRUTH is out there, we STILL want to believe, and MSR (Mulder Scully Romance) continues to hurt so good.

Spoilers ahead, sweetie…

S10xE02: “Founder’s Mutation”

The Phenomenon

From the cold open, this episode feels very TXF. We get Mulder and Scully at a crime scene, dressed in suits and looking very blase about Dr. Sanjay’s mysterious death scene. Mulder immediately zones in on the fact that Sanjay killed himself in a secure room, with confidential information that he obviously wants to get his hands on. Some random government official shows up right as Mulder is stuffing a server in his pocket, citing “national security” as the reason Mulder cannot have access to the information or the Founder, who is the head of the genetic research company Dr. Sanjay worked for.

Mulder, of course, isn’t having that explanation, and so he sneaks Sanjay’s phone out of the crime scene, much to Scully’s dismay, setting up a meeting with”Gupta” (which means “secret”, according to Scully) in Sanjay’s contact list, who, as it turns out, is Sanjay’s gay lover and not part of the government conspiracy.


Yes, Sanjay has been hiding his sexuality AND another apartment from his employers, according to secret-gay-lover (who tries to give Mulder a blowie in the backroom), and so now Mulder and Scully have a starting point for their conspiracy theories, and head over to the good dead doctor’s secret hideaway apartment. They find some really disturbing evidence of research gone wrong at Sanjay’s and Mulder is hit with the same screeching noise in his head that Dr. Sanjay experienced, right before he stabbed himself in the ear with a letter opener. Scully, to her credit, is incredibly disturbed that Mulder hears this sound, but Mulder is more focused on getting in touch with the Founder, who, apparently, Scully has a connection to. Go figure.

Scully, who has been working as a doctor at Our Lady of Sorrows hospital, knows that the Founder, Dr. Augustus Goldman, also funds a ward for pregnant women expecting children with genetic birth defects, and so she requests a meeting with him. They meet Goldman, who proceeds to walk them through the back rooms of the hospital, which hold isolated children with genetic mutations. This gets Scully thinking about William, the son she and Mulder share, and the fact that he, too, could be a test subject somewhere for a creepy doctor’s genetic research.

Armed with the information that Goldman is a creep and also that his wife is in a psych ward, accused of murdering her unborn son, they head over to find Mrs. Goldman, who tells them about her daughter, who could breath underwater, and her son, who, while in the womb, emitted a loud screeching noise that only she could here, before she cut him out of her belly.


So, come to find out, the boy isn’t dead, but grown and working as a janitor for the genetics research lab where Sanjay died. He was also outside of the apartment when Mulder heard the screeching noise, and so they go to confront him. His adoptive mother seems to know that her son, Kyle, has a strange auditory power, which Kyle turns on in Mulder’s head pretty quickly. They (somehow?) apprehend the boy, take him back to Goldman, who wants to draw his blood and has no idea that Kyle, his son (whom he thought was dead), has been looking for his sister, the fish girl, Molly. When the two Goldman siblings finally meet, it is apparent that they share powers that allow them to read each other’s minds and also break windows, and so, they do their screechy thing and escape the hospital. Per a usual X-Files episode, nothing is resolved, mysteries are piled upon mysteries, and the government is doing nothing to help Mulder and Scully actually solve the case.

The Truth

We get a few interesting flashes into dreams both Scully and Mulder have of their son and the time they never got to spend with him. It’s starting to look like we will get answers regarding William, and whether or not he is also part of a genetic experiment and/or government experiment. I really enjoyed the feel of this episode because it was very classic TXF, raising questions and answering none. I love how Mulder, Scully and even Skinner, have all grown and changed, but they still hold the same core values that made us care about them oh-so long ago. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

The 3rd episode of the revival airs tonight, February 1, at 9pm of FOX.

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