Lucifer Recap: “Pilot”


lucifer recap

This little known DC release, Lucifer, is a spin off from the very popular title The Sandman – written by Neil Gaiman. The comic series, which is under the Vertigo imprint, continues this character’s story arc within the wider DC universe – even meeting with John Constantine once! Here are my thoughts…

Spoilers ahead…

The devil cruising down the roads of LA listening to ‘Ain’t no rest for the wicked’ is the perfect way to open this sinful series. Tom Ellis settles into the role of smooth talker Lucifer himself with ease, I always knew he was devilishly handsome!

We see him showcase his ability to draw out people’s hidden thoughts/desires upon the hapless police officer who pulls him over, simply stating there ‘Must be something about this face.’

This episode takes audiences through a gauntlet of self serving characters to solve the murder of Lucifer’s friend Delilah (whom we see shot in a drive by causing the first FEELS inducing moment of the series). Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German) takes on the case and the two, er, don’t hit it off… it’s like a buddy cop series… without the buddies. Detective Decker is an actress turned cop, who sounds like she’s had a hard time proving her skills. With an adorable little girl and a rival cop ex husband (Kevin Alejandro) on her tail, things have been a little rough.

With three major suspects in mind, the ex-fiance record producer, the rapper boyfriend and the moviestar with which she was having an affair, the two set off (separately) on the trail of the killer. Chloe bumps into Lucifer whilst at the rapper’s house and promptly arrests him for getting in the way, but despite Lucifer’s powers not working on her (much to his bemusement), she still lets him tag along to help out.

It turns out the guy who ordered the hit of Delilah was the ex fiance producer, who wanted the posthumous sales boost. The devil proceeds to release his fury but Chloe gets shot in the meantime, Lucifer promises her that father can’t have her yet and enacts his revenge upon the killer Jimmy.

Chloe wakes up in hospital later and despite Lucifer telling her she’s been in a coma for 3 years, they seem to have developed a bond. Where this is headed and why he is so drawn to her are yet to play out.

Meanwhile the side story of Lucifer’s unexpected and undesired retirement from heaven begins. He is visited twice by an angel named Amenadiel, who obviously hates him with a passion. He urges Lucifer to return to hell or face punishment from God, he declines and faces the sharp tip of a wing against his throat. The angels in this series channel the whole warrior vibe, not dissimilar to Supernatural. Upon their next encounter at the end of the episode it becomes clear that he’s willing to incite an all out war over the issue, I for one want to see where this leads…

Overall a great start to the show, Lucifer’s inability to take anything seriously brings a lighthearted and much needed dissonance to an otherwise very serious procedural. What will he and Chloe be hunting next? Well… Hell is unattended after all…
Lucifer is scheduled to air Mondays on Fox (9/8c).

Betakitten is a Classics student who fangirls when she should be studying. A lifelong DC, Sci-Fi and Horror fan. After writing for blogs about TV shows she ended up here with The Collective to add a little Devilry to the mix.
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