X-Files Revival Recap: “My Struggle”

xfiles recap

The X-Files are back for a highly anticipated 6-episode mini-series, set 14 years after the X-Files closes, featuring our favorite alien hunters and conspiracy theorists. So far, we know the TRUTH is out there, we STILL want to believe, and MSR (Mulder Scully Romance) continues to hurt so good.

Spoilers ahead, sweetie…

S10xE01: “My Struggle”

The Phenomenon

Dana Scully and Fox Mulder haven’t worked together in years, but that doesn’t stop them from reuniting for a case when FBI Assistant Director Walter Skinner calls Scully out of the operating room and into the X-Files drama, once again. He wants her and Mulder to meet with Conservative politician Tad O’Malley, who then proceeds to throw all that we know about the X-Files on it’s head. For a guy who doesn’t trust anyone, Mulder seems to go for O’Malley’s shtick pretty easily, and is soon on the path to find out “the truth” about the alien conspiracies he’s been chasing for the past couple of decades. I am not sure whether I’m supposed to like O’Malley or not, but he rubs me the wrong way as soon as he asks Scully out, regardless if he has access to an ARV (alien replica vehicle). I like to think that Mulder has an “in” with the world of alien conspirators, but he’s never seen an ARV before, and looks as excited as a kid at Christmas, so I guess I can begrudge O’Malley that one. O’Malley also introduces Mulder and Scully to Sveta, a young woman Mulder interviewed when she was a child, who has been abducted numerous times over the last 20 years and has creepy scoop marks in her belly. Surprise! Sveta tells Mulder that she was abducted by men and not aliens (like O’Malley claims) and her story, alongside Dana Scully’s long ago abduction, alien DNA, pregnancy storyline, is starting to look eerily familiar. Sveta is an interesting character, but I’m more interested in the Mulder/Scully love child that we keep getting hints of in the text. Something clicks in Mulder’s head, and he’s “on fire”; ready to expose the government goose chase that he and Scully were on, apparently hoodwinked into believing the alien coverup, when it was really all a financial and pharmaceutical gimmick. Unfortunately, right before Sveta is to go on O’Malley’s television show to expose the truth, she changes her mind and recants her story, stating to the press that O”Malley paid her lie about the alien abduction. Later on, her car mysteriously explodes with her in it, and the ARV is destroyed. It seems the government conspiracies are back, and so Skinner, Mulder and Scully reopen the X-Files, back in the basement, business as usual. There is a cutaway shot of the Smoking Man (still smoking, with the help of a determined assistant and a tracheotomy) receiving a call that the X-Files are up and running, the ancient nemesis of our favorite FBI agents, and then…end scene.


The Truth

Scully and Mulder have some interesting chemistry going on. The “will they, won’t they?” aspect of their relationship is gone, replaced with a wary, divorcee vibe that I dislike immensely. No, they shouldn’t be jaded toward one another–and no, I don’t care that it’s been two decades! Still, they both continue to strive to solve the mysteries that have plagued them their entire relationship, and they do it together, which I can appreciate. There have been mixed reviews about the new revival miniseries, and I’m gonna put it out there that I love it, mostly because I’m in the middle of an X-Files rewatch (I’m in S6 on Netflix), but also because it’s so much fun to see familiar actors reviving these iconic roles–not only Mulder and Scully but Skinner, the Smoking Man and I’m really hoping to see Frohike and friends at some point. The revival is fun, it is for the fans, and, according to my TL and the X-Philes that I know, it is a hit. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

Trusting No One

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