Galavant Recap: This is My Excited Voice


So far on this season of Galavant, Isabella is finally free of her betrothal to her kid cousin, King Richard is no longer a king (although his beard remains magnificent), and Galavant is chomping at the bit to rescue his fair princess. Also, there’s a lizard named Tad Cooper. Spoilers ahead!

Episode 7— “Love and Death” or “Sing-a-long with King Gareth”


In the wake of Sid accidentally stabbing Galavant—oops?—the gang takes our gallant hero to a healer named Neo of Sporin. Neo spends so much time talking that Gal dies on the table. After a number of Princess Bride references, Neo tells the distraught Richard, Roberta, and Sid that he possesses an in-progress potion to reawaken the dead. However, he is lacking the final, most mystical ingredient—a grey hair from the beard of middle-aged man yet untouched by a woman. Luckily for our deceased hero, Richard fits that description, and despite his mortification, gives up a hair to save his friend. While they’re waiting for the potion to take effect, Gal wakes up in another plane where he witnesses Death doing a song and dance number because, hey, it’s Galavant. A number of people show up, one of whom is Isabella who sings about how Gal broke her heart. Gal realizes that there’s been a terrible misunderstanding, and refuses to accompany Death to the afterlife. Meanwhile, Roberta is telling Richard that she loves him, and just as they’re about to have their first kiss, Gal wakes up. Before they depart, Neo provides them with an army of zombies.

In Valencia, Wormwood is planning the surprise battle with Hortensia. During the scheming, Madalena lets slip that she loves Gareth. Wormwood, being primarily a wedding planner, immediately decides that the two must get married as soon as possible. Madalena balks at the idea of nuptials with someone she actually likes, however, as she is terrified of her newfound feelings. Because Gareth and Madalena both suck at communication, they tell each other via giving orders to their soldiers on the eve of war that they have mutual feelings for each other, but will go slow.

In the interim, Wormwood’s assistant accidentally sends the Hortensians a “save-the-date” for the war. Isabella ends up being designated to lead the Hortensian troops, but is dismayed when she realizes that their weapons of war are all children’s toys.

Episode 8— “Do the D’DEW” or “Coo Coo Bananas”


Seeing as how her forces are armed only with wooden horses, chocolate axes, and kitchen utensils, Isabella decides that she must meet with Gareth and Madalena to see what their terms of surrender would be. Madalena is determined to make Isabella’s life miserable, and if she can’t fight her or kill her, she will force Isabella to be her maid and polish the crown of Valencia if the Hortensians surrender. Isabella can’t stand the thought, and decides that she will fight the Valencian army regardless. She lies, and tells Madalena that she has the one true king on her side. The prophecy of the one true king is not only that he will pull the sword from the stump, but that he will have the power to unite the seven kingdoms.

Wormwood reveals to Gareth and Madalena that he isn’t just a wedding and war planner, but a master of the Dark Arts. He offers to teach them his magic (D’DEW, which charmingly stands for Dark, Dark Evil Works) as that may be their only way to defeat the one true king. Gareth refuses the offer, but Madalena tells Wormwood that they’ll speak privately about it later, and signs an agreement to ensure the battle will turn in her favor.

Gal, his gang, and the zombie army arrive in Valencia to find the castle abandoned since everyone is now on the battlefield in Hortensia. Gal can’t seem to control the zombies until he realizes that they are willing to fight for wuv, twoo wuv. While he’s figuring out how to give them orders, Roberta has a serious conversation with Richard. The two had finally gotten together at the beginning of the episode, but she is reluctant to go into battle with him. Certain that he will die, she asks him to leave the fight to Galavant and go with her. Although Richard is happy for the first time in his life, he can’t abandon Gal, and refuses her proposition. Unwilling to watch Richard sacrifice himself, Roberta declines to fight.

What We’ve Learned So Far

This season really seems to be more about Richard than anyone else. His character development has been phenomenal in so many ways, and I find myself rooting for him more and more. I’m eager to see what they will have him do once he realizes he has the Hero Sword and is, in fact, the one true king. He admitted to Roberta that if he ever had the chance to rule again, he would do everything differently.

Next week brings us the last two episodes of this season! Are you ready?

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