The Collective San Diego Comic Con Campaign


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Hello Collectors! It’s almost convention season once again, and the Collective Bloggers have already started planning for upcoming events we want to cover for you, our loyal readers. One of our biggest geektivities this year is San Diego Comic Con, held in the convention center July 20-24, 2016. Two of your favorite bloggers were lucky enough to score coveted Press Badges in 2015 (which are good for 2 years), meaning our badge fees are covered and we have guaranteed tickets to attend the geekiest of all the cons without having to worry about epic waiting rooms and early morning ticket disappointments.

Attending SDCC last year was a dream come true; the reason we got into the blogging business 3 years ago. We strive to provide our readers with quality coverage, and at SDCC, I like to think we came through. We shared our experiences through daily video recaps, continuous highlight posts, cosplay coverage, multiple panel live tweets and finally, meta recaps discussing fandom, representation and the convention tone as a whole. We met up with other bloggers, cosplayers and fans. We interviewed some stars, got a few exclusives and chose writing over sleep the entire week.

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This year, we plan to do it all over again, but we need your help to make it happen.

Cons aren’t cheap and, dear reader, we do this all for free. There are 4 writers attending the con this year, and we are paying for everything out of our own pockets, save the 2 press badges. This includes gas, food, cosplay (of course), hotel, WiFi fees, parking, and every other thing that comes with traveling to a con, while providing stellar coverage for our readers, without getting paid. We write because we love to, and we do it for you because you’re awesome, but we need your help.

If you’re a regular reader of the Collective Blog, we already appreciate your support. By aiding us financially, you are enabling us to attend one of the biggest conventions of the year and to give you coverage in our signature style. We’ve set up a donation page that works easily with PayPal and have put together some great incentives, tailored just for you, our favorite nerds.  We’ve got a $1300 goal, and the funds will be used toward the following:

  • Hotel expenses—$1200
  • Internet—$100

Any funds raised over the goal amount will be used to maintain The Collective Blog domain and website.

If you’re so inclined, check out our Indiegogo campaign here.  We put together an adorable video and page to entice your donation. Hopefully, it’ll work!

Thanks in advance, not only for helping us get to San Diego Comic Con, but also for sticking with us, reading, reposting and remaining a loyal part of the Collective fandom. Even if you can’t help monetarily, sharing our campaign info helps, and we thank you for doing that, too!

One last thing. I went through my phone and found some SDCC pics from last year, which you can find above. I also found this amazing video featuring the promo team for Outlander. I think I tweeted it last year, but for those who missed it, enjoy.

Xoxo, the Collectiva Diva

Find me over on Twitter and Tumblr.

Check out the incentives for our SDCC 2016 fundraising campaign here


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