Galavant Recap: The Forest of Coincidence


So far on this season of Galavant, Isabella is still engaged to her underage cousin, King Richard is no longer a king (although his beard remains magnificent), and Galavant is chomping at the bit to rescue his fair princess. Spoilers ahead!

Episode 5— “Giants vs. Dwarves” or “You’re the same damn height”


Galavant receives a rude awakening when Richard trades the jewel of Valencia for a baby dragon—only it isn’t a dragon, but a very cute lizard instead, whom Richard lovingly names Tad Cooper. Understandably pissed, Gal storms off. Richard sings the best song I’ve ever heard about his “dragon pal” before running into a group of dwarves. The dwarves are at war with the giants (with whom Gal has, of course, crossed paths). Now would be a good time to point out that these two groups of men are all the same height—roughly 5 foot 10. The groups, spurred on by the new feud between Gal and Richard, agree that they must go to war. Roberta is able to broker peace between then and reconcile our two lads, but only after a rousing number modeled beautifully after West Side Story. 

In Hortensia, Isabella is told by wedding planner Wormwood that only one person has yet to RSVP. Under the control of the crown, she visits Princess Jubilee (Sheridan Smith) to demand a reply. But during a musical number, the crown is accidentally knocked off her head, freeing her from Wormwood’s curse. Remembering that she, in fact, doesn’t want to marry her underage cousin, Isabella returns to the castle to set things right.

Down in Valencia (or…up in Valencia? I really need a map of where these countries are in relation to each other), King Gareth confesses to Sid that he’s starting to have feelings for Queen Madalena. Sid tries to discourage his affections, referencing the sanctity of the bro code. But the well-meant warnings accidentally pass Gareth’s lips to Madalena, who orders the guards to kill Sid. He escapes into the city, only to realize that there’s a bounty on his head.

Episode 6— “About Last Knight” or “Sid needs to work on his aim”

ABC/Angus Young
ABC/Angus Young

Back to being her old self, Isabella banishes Wormwood and confronts her cousin about their forced marriage. The young king agrees to let her out of the terms of the betrothal in exchange for her bra. (Can you feel me rolling my eyes?)

While Sid is still running for his life, Madalena throws a surprise birthday party for Gareth at the castle. But Gareth still isn’t accustomed to being king, and wishes he could celebrate the way he used to—with a brawl in a bar that results in a new “birthday scar.” Madalena is falling for him, so she resolves to take him to the worst bar in Valencia. Unfortunately, no one wants to fight him no matter how much he insults their mother, because hey, he’s royalty. But things start looking up for the sadistic couple when Wormwood shows up and plants the idea of an unprovoked war against Hortensia.

Meanwhile on the road, Gal, Richard, and Roberta come across property belonging to one Arnold Galavant (Greg Wise), our hero’s estranged father. Despite Gal’s resentment and doubt, the trio take shelter with Arnold, who reconnects with his son. For a few moments, everything is going well—Gal and Arnold are no longer at odds, Richard is learning how to swordfight…until Sid shows up with Gal’s lost sword. He tosses the weapon to his former master, but accidentally impales him instead.

What We’ve Learned So Far

via Tumblr (someone-like-robsten)
via Tumblr (someone-like-robsten)

1.) The more episodes we see, the more this season feels like it was written by the Monty Python crew. Whereas season one had several awkward misses, season two is full of pop culture hits and relevant self-commentary.

2.) Isabella is back, bitches! I, for one, was getting tired of her being cooped up and helpless. I’m ecstatic to see our warrior princess back on her feet and 100% independent of that super weird marriage arrangement.

3.) You can follow Tad Cooper on Twitter.

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