Fanfic Wednesday: “The Length and Breadth of Fury Road”


Rec #1: “The Length and Breadth of Fury Road” by proprioception (sacrificethemtothesquid)

Recced by: The Collected Canadian

Pairings: Max Rockatansky/Furiosa
Word Count: 167,477 and increasing
Warnings:  Implied/Referenced Character Death, Implied/Referenced Rape/Non-con, Drugs, Alcohol, Adult Content, Blood, Implied/Referenced Abortion, Aftermath of Violence, Forced Pregnancy, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder-PTSD, Panic Attacks, Suicidal Ideation, Self-Harm, It’s a post-apocalyptic setting…


Post-Movie.  Continued worldbuilding and plot development of George Miller’s original brainchild, with a central focus on the character arcs of Max and Furiosa.  Impelling narrative of what the unearthing of redemption may look like.

borrowed from “Jeanne the Fangirl
Borrowed from “Jeanne the Fangirl

Thoughts from the Reviewer

The blame has been awarded to curiosity, which seduced my fingers into typing the names Max/Furiosa.  Search might as well have been relabeled as betrayal.  To say I value the [uncommon] platonic depiction of their relationship in the movie, while also admiring The Patron Saint of Development Hell’s persuasive argument of “non-sexual romantic dynamics” is an amusing defense, considering the Lannister nature of my id and the Stark nature of my superego.  (If you have not yet come across this gem, please read it now!)

[Commenting on the blood transfusion scene, watch it here] “…Some hope for a place of good humanity could have been represented by one of the women trusting Max or Nux with her body, but the scene we get feels less forced and more poignant for how unremarkable the event should be:  it shows that every little violation does matter, by bittersweet contrast with how freely and kindly these things would be given in a world where more caring could thrive.  The fact that Max loses all emotional control here-rushing to share his name with her, probably more vulnerable at that moment than the character has ever been in the entire franchise-only makes it a more powerful moment.”-The Patron Saint of Development Hell

What led to recommending a Max/Furiosa fic?  As I began scrolling through various Maxiosa stories, such values appeared to be validated, with the [sexual] progression of their relationship seeming somehow unnatural considering the history of grotesque violence, both physical and sexual.  Still, a part of me wanted to read more about this alternate path, for sake of story.  Is such a relationship possible?  If so, what would it look like/how would it evolve?  Will it create further agony or violence?  Then, I found, “The Length and Breadth of Fury Road” by Proprioception (Sacrificethemtothesquid).

This multi-layered fic begins where the movie ended.  Readers will continue being mesmerized by stunning imagery, and will be able to witness the expansion of other characters’ storylines, in addition to Max/Furiosa’s.  Each chapter is oxygen being delivered into our life-stream, as new insights and ideas emerge under the disguise of entertainment.  Simply stated, it is a true gift.  At the expense of the author’s time and hard work, the feels of many readers will experience a magnificent journey, a loud heartbeat of life anew.

“Mari clicks her tongue and eases onto the crate beside her, pulling Furiosa into her arms.  ‘Out of the womb, my love, we’re all out of the womb together,’ she hums in sympathy.  “It’s the hardest journey a person can take, learning to trust again.”-Proprioception

Bonus Recommendations from The Collected Canadian: 

Be sure to check out Proprioception’s “Seven Thousand and One” fic (you will likely need a box of tissues though it’s brief).  Additionally, our very own Collectress has written a lovely Destiel fic, “Like A Rose E’er Blooming.”  Listen to your feels and pace yourself.

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