Galavant Recap: It’s Called Democracy


So far on this season of Galavant, Isabella is still engaged to her underage cousin, King Richard is no longer a king (although his beard remains magnificent), and Galavant is chomping at the bit to rescue his fair princess. Spoilers ahead!

Episode 3— “Aw, Hell, the King” or “Richard’s beard is seriously distracting”


When Gal and Richard attempt to find out what happened to Richard’s castle, they realize that the townspeople dismantled it and used the stones to build better houses and businesses. What’s more, they have declared themselves free of Richard and tell him (in a very Mel Brooks/Monty Python sort of song) that they are now a democracy. Gal attempts to pursuade the people to lend him their army to rescue Isabella, while Richard mourns his recent lack of a job. At the town meeting, the only person who volunteers to go back with them to Hortensia is a young woman named Roberta.

Meanwhile, Isabella’s parents hire a wedding planner to boost their daughter’s interest in her own strange nuptials. When he sees that Isabella is truly uniterested, he gives her a tiara that magically turns her disdain into joy: and strangely enough, the only people who notice her change in character are the jester and the chef.

But what about the sword of the one true king? Will Isabella be brainwashed forever? Luckily, we get two episodes back to back.

Episode 4— “Bewitched, Bothered, and Belittled” or “Madalena Has Feelings”


After a few days of traveling together, Richard realizes that Roberta is actually an old (paid) playmate of his from childhood whom he called Bobby. Seeing a potential relationship between them, and desperate to get rid of Richard, Gal sets them up on a date. While Bobby (who is, by the way, a kickass lady who can hold her own against a knight) enjoys their time together, Richard doesn’t seem to think of her in a romantic sense, and is happy for them to be just friends.

In Hortensia, much remains the same. However, in Valencia, Queen Madalena attends what she believes will be a Sunday roast (aka a delicious, enormous brunch served in England) hosted by two sisters who once humiliated her when she was a girl for being poor. But upon her arrival, she learns that the party is actually a comedic Roast of her. Shunned and embarrassed, she returns to the castle on foot, where she reveals in song that she is having “feelings” for the very first time in her life. Gareth comforts her by chopping off the ears of the offensive sisters and presenting Madalena with their earrings. This attempt at camaraderie may be the precursor to a romance, or at least a partnership, between the new King and Queen.

What We’ve Learned So Far

Firstly, this season will continue to introduce story elements that are then withheld for several episodes, just like they did in season one. Secondly (and perhaps most importantly) Timothy Omundson has not only stolen my heart, but the show as well. His portrayal of King Richard is funny, charming, and one can’t help but root for him.

Until next week,

The Collected Mutineer