Shipping 101: Bennguin (Hockey RPF)

i ship it

Do you ever just fall in love and want to shout it from the mountain tops? Hello class, and welcome back to Shipping 101. Today, we will be delving into my newest obsession, hockey and with it, the RPF pairing of my newest OTP, Jamie Benn (#14) and Tyler Seguin (#91) of the Dallas Stars, also known as Bennguin.


These two linemates are amazing hockey players (the best in the league, right now) besties and seriously adorkable together. I know we talked about shipping “real people” before (see: Cockles) and I really never thought I would get into hockey RPFs but Tyler and Jamie are ridiculous together, on and off the ice, and I couldn’t help it–I tripped and fell down the rabbit hole and I must drag as many of you as I can down with me.

Look at their fucking faces! Geez, who do they think they are?
Look at their fucking faces! Geez, who do they think they are?

Tyler is the brash and outgoing Stars Center and Jamie is the quiet and awkward Left Wing and Team Captain. Together, these two kicked ass during the 2014-15 season and are ranked in the 98 percentile with a chance at the playoffs again this year. That being said, they are soooooooo cute though, am I right? Tyler drags Jamie out of his comfort zone and Jamie keeps Tyler grounded and I just cannot handle these two. Honestly, I think the Stars franchise ships it as much as I do. Watch this video below and then tell me I’m wrong.

If you’re digging the idea of this pairing, Begin the Bennguin, and check out the fics below. Blame Liz Keysmash, because I really, really do.

Romantic Motherfucking Best by lightgetsin

Our Bridges Were Already Burned by dedougal

something worth bleeding out by dastardlywords

xoxo C. Diva

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      1. lizkeysmash

        You are going to LOVE Goon. You’re also going to wonder why they haven’t made out by the end of the movie.

        Fun fact: Tyler Seguin has a bit part in the Goon sequel, which is filming right now.

      2. The Collective Blog

        Liz, why did I already know Tyler was in this movie? It was, like, a fun fact in the back of my head, for some reason. Honestly at this point, I’m not sure what is real life. I’m gonna go write more hockey fic…

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