Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 3×10:”Maveth”

Banner by the Collected Mutineer
Banner by the Collected Mutineer

Okay so things are starting to heat up in the SHIELD headquarters. There’s a new big bad Inhuman on the loose (who we’ve recently discovered has close ties with Agent May), SHIELD is getting professional competition in the form of the ATCU, Hydra is rising again, and tensions are really beginning to rise between humankind and the “enhanced.” Spoilers ahead. 


“Maveth” picks up where “Closure” left us: Hydra (and Fitz) are on Maveth, the deserted planet on which Jemma Simmons spent six months of her life, the rest of the SHIELD team are planning a rescue mission for Fitz and Simmons, and Coulson also went through the portal, determined to end Ward for the death of Rosalind.

It’s all very busy.


Under the direction of Mack, Team SHIELD regroups to recover their two missing scientist compatriots. They rightly assume that Hydra has taken them in order to reopen the portal, and they infiltrate the Hydra base. What they don’t know, however, is that Hydra is bringing in Inhumans, including Melinda May’s ex-husband, Andrew, AKA Lash. Daisy, Mack, and crew have their hands full dealing with both Hydra and Andrew, and by the time they reach the portal, they’ve discovered Hydra’s big evil plan: to bring yet another Inhuman back through the portal.

This Inhuman, however, may  just be the biggest and baddest of them all.

Team SHIELD decides that destroying the portal may be the best move, if Coulson and Fitz don’t make it back through.


Meanwhile, on Maveth, Ward and Fitz find the remains of an ancient civilization, including what looks to be the original Hydra.


Eventually, Fitz locates Will and is able to convince Ward that they need the astronaut alive in order to reach the extraction point. All is as well and dandy as can be until a sandstorm separates Fitz and Will from the Hydra agents. Ward, too, is on his own, and eventually he runs into Coulson, because it’s a small world.

As Fitz and Will journey through the planet’s desolate terrain, they encounter more ruins of ancient cities.


Even for someone who’s only heard stories about Will from Jemma, it doesn’t take Fitz very long to realize there is something a little off about the other man. It isn’t until Fitz checks the wound on Will’s leg that he realizes what kind of entity the Inhuman on this planet is: death. A creature that can take the form of any dead person had been inhabiting Will’s body since Fitz first encountered him, and we realize that Will has been dead since he helped Jemma return to our world.

Ouch, my poor heart.

After that, it’s a rush to see who can reach the portal before it closes. Ward v. Coulson, and Fitz v. Zombie Will. Coulson comes to Fitz’s rescue by shooting Zombie Will, and gets his vengeance on Ward by crushing his heart.


Fitz and Coulson make it back through the portal, and Jemma and Fitz have a touching reunion. FitzSimmons shippers around the world rejoiced. It seems like a Team SHIELD’s world is at peace at last, right?

Not quite.

Where We’re Headed


The appearance of Zombie Grant Ward at the end of “Maveth” was unexpected, and surprisingly, quite welcome for me because I wasn’t ready not to see Brett Dalton on my screen every week. All the antagonists in season 3 have now effectively combined forces with Gideon Malick. Lash, Hydra, and now the big bad Inhuman will be the major sources of tension in the second half of the season, making Hydra and its allies the key enemies for SHIELD once more.  Really, with how many times these “heads” sprout up, it’s beginning to be a reprisal of the Doctor’s feud with the Daleks. Hydra will never end. Well, at least not until the show does.

The storyline unfolding now is, to my knowledge, completely divergent from the Marvel comics. This means that anything could happen. Prepare yourselves now.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. returns on Tuesday, March 8. 

-The Collectress

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  1. lovethepen381

    It’s actually heavily implied that the creature itself is Death (a character in the Marvel universe), which works since supposedly Agents of SHIELD is going to start tying into the Cinematic Universe. In the comics, Death is Thantos’ girlfriend and it’s possibly that this plot could tie into that. I loved this episode though, and, yep, right in the feels that Will sacrificed himself for Gemma.

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