“In the Heart of the Sea” Podcast and Film Review


Last week, The Collectress and I had the opportunity to see a special screening of the new Chris Hemsworth film, In the Heart of the SeaThe movie is the “true story” of the “true story” which inspired Herman Melville to write his famous tale, Moby Dick (1851), the early American literary masterpiece. As a literature buff who is especially interested in American lit across the ages, I was interested to see how this film addressed the writing of Melville’s text in such a way that would inspire viewers and encourage readers. While the Collectress and I have very different experiences with the book, we both appreciate the forray from novel to silver screen, even if I wasn’t as impressed as she was with the story (probably because I have absolutely no connection to the original text). Listen to our ten minute podcast below and then go see the movie if literature, sailors and social commentary on America’s historical abuse of nature is your thing.

Spoilers ahead, Sweetie…


xoxo C. Diva

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