Scream Queens Finale Recap: “Dorkus” and “The Final Girl(s)”

Well folks, it’s here. The Season Finale of Scream Queens. Read under the cut to see if it was the butler the whole time.

Spoilers Ahead Sweetie… 

Things pick up from Pete’s confession that he is a murderer. Without pause he immediately jumps into his explanation and it’s confirmed, he helped the Devil Twins after accidently uncovering Boone’s identity. At that point it was either help them or die, plus he could relate to their mission to wipe out the unhealthy Greek System on campus. Pete’s sympatric story quickly turns into nothing but the unhinged ramblings as he tries to convince Grace not to run away.  Tempting her with the true identity of the Red Devil. Hint: It is one of her “Sisters.” The name is on the tip of his lips when the Devil bursts out of his closet and kills him!

First body count of the episode. The killer turn’s their sight of Grace, only to knock her out and decidedly NOT kill her. Suspicious.

On to the Chanel’s, after being hung out to dry last episode Chanel has written a hate filled message to her minions. The Devil being one of the recipients forwarded the message out to the entire student body, revealing Chanel to everyone as the worst human being ever. All I can say is, Finally!

Chanel tries and fails to kill herself, when the Red Devil suddenly appears to kill her! But something is off, their movements are all over the place and the girls of KTT quickly take them down. Chanel rips off the mask to reveal… a man who we’ve never met before. A poor pizza delivery man who has been ordered by the Red Devil to kill the Sisters, also he has a bomb strapped to his chest.

The girls are unable to do anything to help him so they run and hide. Letting the Delivery Man fall victim to the Devil when the bomb goes off. Dang, Death number two, and even though we’ve seen some horrible deaths in the show I’m more unsettled that the girls just kind of left him to die. Granted, there wasn’t much they could have done to help, but still. A man blew up in front of them.

Chanel realizes that to regain her status on campus she’ll have to make a public apology. You know the kind, where a celebrity says a very calculated speech even though they don’t mean a word of it. But she doesn’t plan on apologizing to her minions who she publically humiliated, she’s going to apologize to the Ex-KKT President, who was inflicted with horribly acidic injuries back in episode one, because that plot hole is still open.

Meanwhile, Grace knows there are only four real suspects, the Chanels. She dismisses the notion that Zayday could be the killer and I have to agree with her. On my own list of suspects, Zayday is at the bottom.  They sneak a peek at the Chanel’s school records, relying on Grace’s father to… ahem, distract Dean Munsch with some rocking 90’s music. If you get my meaning. Within minutes they find one of the Chanel’s has clearly fabricated documents and a suspicious list of semester courses. Anatomy and Criminal Studies being a few. Grace has a name, but keeps it to herself until it can be shouted out in a dramatic fashion (that’s how these things work, you know.)

Grace somehow figures out where the Chanels are and rushes off to reveal the killer’s identity. She arrives at the rich estate of Melanie Dorkus, the old KKT President just in time for Chanel to claim that Melaine is the killer and try to stab her. Chanel really needs to stop turning to murderer as a way to handle people. In a show like this, it makes one look like a killer.

Luckily Grace stops her in time, revealing that Melanie couldn’t be the killer because the killer is… HESTER!

The girls rush back to the house, running into Chanel #5 who mysteriously disappeared from Melanie’s house with the excuse to meet a Tinder date. Everyone is gathered in one space except Hester. A scream erupts from somewhere in the house and they run to Chanel’s Closest to find none other then Hester lying on the floor in a pool of her own blood. Sticking out of her eye socket is a stiletto.

Even more surprising she’s still alive! Opening her one good eye she looks at the group, points to Chanel #5 and claims that the Red Devil is standing right in front of them.

End of the first hour and it turns out I was semi-barking up the right tree in my suspicion on Hester and #5. But who’s the real killer? What’s the story?

The next part opens with a flash forward to January 2016. Wallace University is open again and KKT is doing a New Year’s rush to recover from the horror of the last semester. Grace is there and so is Zayday, standing next to them is Hester with a Glamorous Eye Patch. Hester’s inner monologue reveals she was in fact the killer, and she got away with it.

Here’s how:

She stabbed herself with the shoe in an effort to frame the Chanels. Everyone is confused about the new evidence, especially Grace who looked at Hester’s bizarre school records. She had no home of record listed and no parents. But Hester is smart enough to hire actors to pretend to be her parents and back up her story, she also gets #5’s parents to agree to frame their daughter. Apparently they hate #5 and are just as horrible (if not more so) then Chad Radwell’s family.

#5’s parents tell the girls that she was adopted, leaving the possibility to assume that #5 could be the bathtub baby. The group buys it. Then Hester reveals there is a second killer, Chanel #3 who already claims to be the daughter of Charles Manson. Hester has a (forged) letter form a doctor admitting that #3 has a split personality that helped with all the murders, #3, who has always had an affinity for drama believes the news. Again, the group believes the accusation.

Finally Hester points the finger at Chanel who already has plenty of evidence against her. Things don’t look good for the Chanels and they make a break for it. Only to be hauled away by Chief Officer Hemphill- yes she got a promotion from Mall Cop.

All’s well that ends well. The Chanel’s are sent to an Insane Asylum where they find solace in not worrying about looks, money, or being perfect. Oddly enough the Chanel’s fit in well in the Asylum and Wallace University is a better place without them.

And in the end Hester got away with it all, she still lives in KKT and works to make it a better place.

When it is all said in done I have to remind myself that Scream Queens isn’t a “serious” horror or mystery show. It’s a Satire, which gives it opportunities to relay on the absurd and asks the audience to suspend belief. Looking at it that way, the show is a solid B. It made me laugh and even grow attach to some of the characters. Chad Radwell and Officer Hemphill are two of my absolute favorites, providing much of the comedy, but they were horribly underutilized in the Season Finale.

In the end, I enjoyed that Scream Queens ended in the only way that was fitting. For the Chanels to finally get the come uphence, even if they were innocent. And even though they should have been thrown in jail, being put in the Asylum proves to be the best thing for them in the end. In a sense, even they can have closure.

Hester is the one who is problematic for me. I’m not surprised that she’s the killer, not even disappointed that she got away with it. The finale paints it as if she’s also changed, but if we think back on over the course of the show Hester has proven to be a power hungry monster much like Chanel. At one point she even said she wanted everything Chanel had. She lied about being pregnant, she can snap at the most mundane things, and… oh yeah, she been groomed since her childhood to be a killer. Those instincts don’t just go away. Eventually, she’ll have a need to kill again and when that time comes we’ll be looking at Scream Queens Season 2.

Thanks for reading the recaps guys! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them as much as I have enjoyed writing them.

Episode Body Count: 2
Rest in Peace: Pete Martinez and Pizza Delivery Guy


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