Fanfic Wednesday: “Like Whiskey (Somewhere a Clock is Ticking)”


Like Whiskey (Somewhere a Clock is Ticking)” by prettybrilliantfunny (AO3)

Pairings: Emma Swan/Killian Jones (Captain Hook)
Word Count:8657

Author’s Summary

AU – Hook came along with the curse and has been living in Storybrooke all this time. (As a bartender.)

The Crow’s Nest is the best kept secret in all of Storybrooke, but the appeal of its owner, Killian Jones, is no secret to anyone—least of all Emma.

My Thoughts

After the last few episodes of Once Upon a Time, particularly the midseason finale, I found myself in dire need of some good CaptainSwan fanfiction. Unfortunately, there is a scarcity in that department, as the majority of fantastic OUAT fics are SwanQueen centric. (Don’t get me wrong: I love a good SwanQueen, but CaptainSwan is one of my major OTPs.) At any rate, I was delighted to come across this short AU, in which Hook was brought to Storybrooke along with the rest of the Enchanted Forest during the first Dark Curse. The story is a nice mixture of canon and AU, as this Emma is still new to Storybrooke, motherhood, and the idea of magic. And it might be a personal weakness of mine, but the portrayal of Hook as a bartender was spot on and dead sexy. If you’re looking for smut, this isn’t the fic you’ll want—however, it is a sweet, well-written glimpse of what might have transpired if Hook and Emma had met under different circumstances within the original OUAT universe.

-The Collected Mutineer

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One Comment

  1. allegradante

    This is a terrific fic and one of my favorites, unfinished as it is. Fortunately, there are more parts to it and they do contain smut. You can find it at She also has a stand alone fic about Hook and Emma and their adventure in the episode Tallahassee. It’s a shame she hasn’t finished Like Whiskey or written more fanfiction as she is an excellent writer.

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