Scream Queens Recap: “Black Friday”

Ah, Black Friday a day with an ominous name that matches the sheer terror one feels when it comes to dealing with angry crowds all in the effort to save money. In a lot of ways stepping outside on Black Friday is as scary as going to a haunted house for Halloween.

Spoilers ahead sweetie…

That combined with the fact that it is a day which celebrates shopping explains why it would be Chanel’s second favorite holiday. Even though they had just been served a human head for Thanksgiving, the girls of KKT won’t consider skipping the holy day of shopping. I mean, why would it? A serial killer on campus didn’t stop anyone from hosting Haunted Houses or having sleepovers or telling ghost stories. Priorities people, they are not important in this show.

The Chanels go out and somehow shop until the Mall closes. It’s not really explained how they find themselves alone in the abandoned mall, but it makes the perfect opportunity for the killer to arrive. In a surprisingly brave act, Chanel helps her sister’s escape before moving to confront the killer one on one. It’s brave but not very smart when she’s facing down a masked killer with a crossbow. Mean spirited words won’t help her in this situation and she ends up getting shot in the shoulder!

The injury isn’t fatal, but as the killer loads for the finishing blow Officer Hemphill enters the scene as a newly hired Mall Cop and she has a gun! The situation could easily go downhill from here, Hemphill is talking a lot and I’m afraid she might get the ax… er, arrow. I’m also deathly afraid her weapon will go off and harm someone else. In the end, the killer escapes (again) and no one dies except a random mall cop who isn’t Officer Hemphill. All in all, a normal day in the life of a KKT sister.

After her near death experience though, Chanel is more certain than ever that the killer is Dean Munsch, one of the only people who knew they were going out for Black Friday shopping. Oddly enough Grace agrees with her and they both agree that the only solution is to murder Munsch. Okay, I’m happy the girls seem to be finally getting along but why is it that Chanel’s solution to everything is murder? It is honestly a little disconcerting, and Grace, usually the only one with reason, agrees with her. They even both settle on the weapon to use in the killing: poison.

Together the two approach Dean Munsch, offering her delicious poisoned cider and some snacks but for some reason it doesn’t work.

On the other side of campus Chad believes Pete was involved with Boone when the deceased fraternity brother leaves all his last possessions to Pete. It’s a little bit of information that reveals a suspicious connection from the old red devil to our spunky journalist. Pete insists Boone was his connection for an article about Greek Life on campus. An article called “Murder” am I right?

He also works hard to talk Grace out of her plan to kill Dean Munsch, which is nice, but all this attention on Pete gives me a bad feeling. Grace keeps saying things like, “What would I do without you” and her dad is starting to approve of Pete as a boyfriend. *Gasp* You guys, they’re going to kill off Pete.

Dun Dun DUN!!!

At least his sappy scenes with Grace pulls her out of her lax judgment when she decides that maybe killing Munsch isn’t such a good idea.  I swear, if a character stuck to a single ideal for the entirety of an episode it would be a surprise. Because of this though the girls kick her out of the sorority in a quick round of votes. The scene probably should have had more of an emotional impact than it did, but the constant quick banter of the show means that some scenes will just fly by with little remorse. Pity.

The Chanels try a couple more times to kill off Munsch. Tricking her into a cryo sauna where they try to freeze her to death and luring her out to a pool in an attempt to drown her. Once again there is little explanation and the Chanel’s poor coordination skills keep Munsch alive for the episode. Another dead end plot line used to distract us from the main mystery. For Scream Queens, it feels like whenever the show needs to “buy time” they simply give the Chanels a villain to chase down. They’ll plot and scheme for the hour only to fail and move on to their next petty problem.

The real meat of the show, the mystery of the killer, was placed in the small and totally obvious scenes with Pete. Towards the end of the episode he’s packing up his bags and talking on the phone with a mysterious person. He even throws a meaningful look at the old Devil Mascot Uniform he used to wear. When Grace comes in with a confession of love on her lips, Pete shies away saying the words no girl ever wants to hear from her boyfriend, “I don’t want your first time to be with a murderer.”

Romantic, but in all seriousness what does this mean? Pete is obviously involved with something, but I’m not sure if I can trust Scream Queen’s not-so-subtle hints to his involvement. It is possible there was a third Red Devil all along with Pete playing the part and the person he talked to on the phone was the Bath Tub Baby. This would explain how the Devil appeared when the girls were shopping, but it’s also possible he could be talking about something entirely different. I’m still hedging my bet on Hester or #5.

I still feel like I have more questions than answers. I only hope next week’s 2 hour finale is enough time to answer them all.

Body Count: 0
Munsch is laughing at all of us right now.

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