Scream Queens Recap: “Ghost Stories”

Gather around readers. These ghost stories might not scare you but they’ll hopefully distract you from a climbing death count and the fact that we still have ZERO clues to who the killer is.

Spoilers ahead, Sweetie…

After last week’s successful disguise at the gym, Boone decides to live life dangerously, walking around campus and hoping for the best. Of course, it all goes wrong when his fake beard falls and Chanel #3 appears to recognize him. Luckily for Boone, #3 isn’t the smartest Chanel as she assumes he’s a ghost, before running from the scene screaming.

He immediately tells the girls who she saw, interrupting Chanel’s own announcement that she’s going to Chad Radwell’s Haunted Family Mansion for Thanksgiving (which is next week I am sooo excited for that episode.) As the body count around them rises and with a new ghost appearing, everyone’s Scream-Meters have maxed out.To calm down the girls, Self-appointed House Mother Hemphill helps by telling them some scary ghost stories, because that always helps calm her down.

Hemphill shows a fondness for Japanese ghost stories, but can’t seem to get them right. I’d like to think if a show is going to bring in another culture’s haunted culture the least they can do is get it right. So I’ll leave you with a link for the what a Kappa is and how her tale about the Red Cloak is a mix of a Japanese bathroom ghost and a evil nurse spirit. Her stories end up scaring the girls more than calming them down.

#3’s mistake of identity helps Boone realize he can play the “ghost card”  as much as he wants because about 70% of the characters in this show are too dense to realize he’s alive. First he hits up his old friend Chad, asking to borrow a shirt so he can go on a date. Then he goes to visit Zayday, who he’s been secretly infatuated with. This confirms that it was Boone who kidnapped Zayday earlier on. Thank god, Zayday and Grace are some of the only girls with common sense. They call Boone out on his Ghost-Lie and put quickly realize that he is the Devil. They try to capture him, but Boone escapes!

If that didn’t already spell bad news, we next see Hemphill going to use the restroom. It is there that she is conveniently attacked by the Red Devil, luckily she manages to fight him (her?) off and runs to warn the Chanels. They lock themselves in Chanels’ luxurious room and decide to continue telling their ghost stories in an effort to divert their fear.

#6 tells the story this time, of a young sorority sister who was driving home one night and is nearly run off the road by a large semi-truck. She pulls over in a gas station with the Truck still on her heels,  at the last minute the truck driver reveals that he was trying to warn the girl. Honking and flashing his lights whenever he saw a man pop up in the back of her car, and when they look they see her would-be-attackers meat hook left in the back of her car.

It’s not the best ghost story, and it pushes #5, who is almost breaking down from fear, over the edge when she finally decides to leave the Campus.

I’m worried about #5, we know Boone got away after all and honestly she’s overdue for being the next victim. But Boone has other plans when he quickly attacks Zayday’s fraternity boyfriend just when he’s arriving for date night.

RIP…. Wait did we ever get his name? (Update: Zayday later confirms it is Earl Grey. Geez, did they even try?)

Meanwhile, #5 is also attacked by the Red Devil in the exact same way told in #6’s ghost story. She’s in her car, a truck driver tries to warn her, but when she pulls over the Red Devil murders the well-meaning Trucker, giving #5 ample time to get away. Chanel refuses to be helpful at the news of her sister being attacked.

With the death of a frat boy right outside their House AND #5’s recent attack, the girl’s need another ghost story to calm them down, but before we can get to that #6 interrupts the moment. You could say she’s finally snapped with the news that Channel is spending Thanksgiving with Chad, pushing her to announce to everyone that she is pregnant.

Now, you’d have to be pretty naïve not to see that this is a scheme right away, but scheme or no scheme the news is awful for Chanel. It means #6 will take away her Thanksgiving trip, it means Chad will marry #6 and leave Chanel out in the cold. Yep, there’s no way this is going to end well.

And it doesn’t, the Chanels quickly trick #6 into revealing that she isn’t pregnant by feeding her fish and alcohol, but it’s too little too late.  She’s already going to the Radwell Thanksgiving, so what’s a girl to do in this situation?

Tell Chad the truth? Turn the other cheek? Nope, Chanel has already proven she capable of “accidental” murder and this is no exception when she pushes #6 down a flight of stairs and…

Wow, you guys… #6 died.

The body count for this episode is gruesomely high but it isn’t over yet! We still have to settle one last thing, Boone’s plan to take out Gigi. In the final moments, we see him hanging out with the other Red Devil when Gigi shows up. It’s a moment of tense truths between Boone, Gigi, and poor Red Devil #2 who is caught in the middle. Gigi certainly doesn’t treat the two youngsters like her children, but more like incompetent goons. Leading me to believe in her eyes they are just a means to an end. The scene is ultimately cut too short though when #2 stabs their brother in the back (literally) picking Gigi and their plan over family.

Well, this is awkward.

If anything, I have more questions like what made Boone fascinated with Zayday? Why did he pretend to be gay? How did that serve their purpose? Ryan Murphy gives us explanations for his pristine fake-death makeup but no reason why he would kill more than a dozen people? Forgive me if I boo angrily (and not like a scary ghost.)

I have a lot to think about. Now that the cast has been cut in half, it is time to look over who we have still standing and who could possibly be the mysterious Red Devil. Only three more episodes before the Season Finale, I need to come up with some possibly theories that will ultimately be wrong. I’ll see you all next week!

Body Count: 4
RIP: Earl Grey, Trucker, Boone, and Chanel #6 (a.k.a Hester)


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