Geek Chic: Her Universe Star Wars Fashion Menace

Darth Vader Sweater $54
Original artwork: Disney/Lucasfilm
Original artwork: Disney/Lucasfilm

If you’re my kind of geek, you know how to make a statement–whether it be with a high fashion necklace or a nerdy piece of office art.  You also know that Ashley Eckstein and Her Universe are committed to getting fangirl fashion to women of all shapes and sizes, and we love them for it. Below are some of my favorite Star Wars pieces from the new Her Universe Star Wars Collection at Hot Topic that are sure to strike fear into the heart of any and all Rebel Forces.


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Also, if you love Star Wars like the #CollectiveSmash girls love Star WarsHer Universe and Hot Topic are encouraging fans to share their Star Wars stories online using the #MyStarWarsStory for the chance to be in a fan appreciation video. Check it out below and be sure to tweet #CollectiveSmash so we can see what you come up with!

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