Scream Queens Review: “Mommie Dearest”

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Scream Queens is finally giving us some much-needed answers as the mystery begins to unravel, but more importantly, Officer Hemphill is back and proves the show is a much better place because of it.

Spoilers ahead, Sweetie…

So remember one week ago when Dean Munsch promised us she would give some answers on the baby. Yeah, she’s not, both Grace and myself are not happy about it. Luckily, her desire to keep things hush hush doesn’t last long when she becomes the target of the next Red Devil attack.

It’s refreshing that the episode starts off on such a bang, it even pays homage to the classic horror flick Psycho in which Jamie Lee Curtis’ mother was the star. Despite the Devil getting the drop on her, Munsch doesn’t go down easily. Fighting off not one, but both devils and even a mysterious third figure (who must be mother Gigi.)

So yeah, it’s a little hard to keep a Campus Serial Killer secret when they’ve attempted your own life. Grace is more than a little smug when she’s called into the Dean’s office the next day and is told about the latest attack. Now, Munsch is ready to give her some answers but not… all the answers. Because too much information might reveal Munsch’s own involvement in the 1995 death.

All she forks up is the name of the pregnant KKT sister who died and that’s it. Welp, it’s a start.

Meanwhile the Chanel’s are plotting (as usual.), Chanel is convinced Zayday and Grace are the killers for reasons and has asked her minions to gather evidence. What they have is (unsparingly) nothing except:

  1. The attacks started when Grace and Zayday arrived
  2. Zayday’s name spells a weird anagram
  3. They are both on the pill

Again, it’s nothing. But Chanel is still convinced it’s these two.

In other news, Officer Hemphill has moved into the KKT house to keep an eye on the girls and apparently being a campus security officer doesn’t pay much, so she needs a place to crash. Chanel #3 offers to pay her to get evidence that Zayday is the killer, something Hemphill has suspected since the beginning.

Hempill asks Candle Blogger Jennifer if she has any reason to suspect Zayday and Jennifer reveals that Zayday was once bullied by popular girls and mentioned getting revenge on them. It still isn’t a lot, but Zayday does overhear the conversation and is put off that Hemphill still suspects her.

Candle Blogger’s story about Zayday makes her the next prime target for a Devil attack and that’s exactly what happens when the Red Devil stabs her from behind in the middle of a blog entry. The horror! The devil then displays Jennifer’s body in one of the more horrific moments of the show.

I can honestly say the whole moment came as a surprise and there might be a clue in the fact that Devil didn’t have any issues getting into the house or Jennifer’s room, this plus the fact that we know the baby was a girl makes me think maybe one of the Devil’s really IS a Kappa girl. Maybe Hemphill isn’t crazy and it really is Zayday.

Anyway RIP Candle Blogger. We’ll be sure to light lots of candles at your funeral.

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Grace and Pete can’t find anything on the name Munsch provided to them, but they realize that maybe the girl was committed to the nearby asylum after the 1995 incident. Because that seems to be everyone’s reasonable action after a stressful event. Their theory pays off when one of the patients (somehow) remembers a woman who was committed in the same time frame AND had a baby with them. This patient just so happens to paint everyone who passes through and by chance has a picture of the woman on hand. Convenient.

The woman, as we’ve all suspected looks exactly like Gigi and the patient reveals she didn’t have one baby with her but two! A boy and a girl! Innnnteresting.

When Grace confronts Gigi the older woman plays dumb and drops the bomb that she and Grace’s father have gotten engaged! Woah!

The punches just keep coming when Grace returns to the house to confront Chanel who has finally dug up some dirt on her. Chanel reveals that the 1995 baby isn’t Grace, because her mother was the president of KKT at the time. You know, the horrible girl who left her sister to die in a tub because she wanted to dance to Waterfall. That’s Grace’s mother.

After the incident at the part, she got pregnant and dropped out of school. She suffered numerous arrests for stealing, drunk driving, and endangering her daughter until finally Grace’s father divorced her. A year later she died in a drunk driving accident.

Granted none of the information is evidence that Grace could be the killer and Chanel is just saying it all to be the rude, horrible person we all know. Luckily, Officer Hemphill is in the house (and has declared herself house mother!) She takes Chanel aside and calls her out, stating, “You’re not allowed to diss someone’s mother.” Preach.  I’m so glad she’s in the house.

After her confrontation with both Chanel and Gigi, Grace goes to talk to her dad where he confirms everything about her mother was true. He also puts to rest the engagement story, apparently, Gigi just went out and bought a ring and he didn’t have the heart to tell her no. I’m going to start calling these illogical decisions Ryan Murphy Reasons because that’s exactly what they are.

The episode ends on a lighter note with Chanel actually apologizing to Grace. I mean, it is still kind of awkward and Chanel makes it all about her in the end, but I guess we’ll take it. It also gives us a quick glimpse of someone we haven’t seen in a while, Boone! He’s busy hiding, when he isn’t hitting up the gym (in disguise) and killing people. A mysterious phone call appears to come from the other Devil, and Boone tries to convince them that they need to kill Gigi.

Oh, look! I found a gif to express these little moments of twists.

Anyway, Scream Queens kicked it into mystery mood this week. That’s good, what’s bad is the fact that Ryan Murphy doesn’t seem to know how to write mysteries. Satire horror, he can do that pretty well but who ever heard of a Satire Mystery? It doesn’t work.

The show keeps trying to convince us that characters like Grace’s Dad, Munsch, Chanel and Grace could be the killer even though logic tells us that can’t be the case and the characters continue to make leaps of logic in order to move the plot along but I can’t follow how they got from point A to point B.  Ryan Murphy Reasons will propel this show into its finale and since that’s the case I’m going to have to throw my hands to the sky and give up trying to guess the answers. Anything is possible in Ryan Land.

Episode Body Count: 1
RIP Candle Blogger

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