William Shatner Presents “War Chronicles” and Announces Collaboration with Stan Lee at Comikaze 2015


One of the highlights of Stan Lee’s Comikaze this year for the Collective team was the William Shatner panel, during which the sci-fi legend introduced War Chronicles, a cinematic graphic novel and an upcoming collaboration with Stan Lee, through his new website ShatnerSingularity.com.


For those interested in a sci-fi thriller in the form of a digitalized comic, the first two seasons of War Chronicles are available for on the website, and the first 4 episodes are free.


Based on the book by Shatner, published by LSL Partnership Inc. and distributed by Panelfly, the illustrated novel is available to purchase for $13 and can be downloaded to your tablet, smartphone or computer via ShatnerSingularity.com or iTunes now.

After the announcement of the new website and season of War Chronicles, audiences received an exciting surprise when Stan Lee, joined Shatner on stage to announce their plans to collaborate on a future graphic novel based on an epic poem by Lee entitled God Woke.


Shatner praised Lee’s poem, calling it “classical”, “beautiful” and “extraordinary”.

Stan Lee said of the work,

“I have written about so many superheroes, and each one gets stronger and more powerful. We ended up with Galactius, and characters like that. I said, who can I get that can top all of them? Well, who’s left? God.”

There is no current release date for God Woke, but Shatner and Lee promised audiences that the product will be different that anything we’ve ever seen before and that the story will wrestle with themes such as “whose God?” and “God’s disappointment in mankind,” both heavy topics for a comic book but an interesting direction for two legends of film and comic book industry.


Visit ShatnerSingularity.com to download War Chronicles, sign up for the newsletter and wait patiently for God Woke, the Stan Lee and William Shatner collaborative graphic novel.


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