Cosplay and Culture at Stan Lee’s Comikaze 2015


The Collective Bloggers attended Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo over Halloween weekend. If there were ever a time for epic cosplaying, this was it! I went in with high expectations, and I was not disappointed in the least. The holiday meant that there was extra effort put in by frequent cosplayers, that more people over all dressed up, and that there were more children than usual in cute and creative costumes.

As always, we were met by an array of cosplays, ranging from Disney to World of Warcraft to Star Trek, and everything in between. Superheroes mingled with princesses and aliens on the exhibition floor, and as always, I just couldn’t take enough photos. I was doubly impressed by the amount of Dia de los Muertos influenced cosplays. This post features work by Bernadette Bentley, Rae Niks Cosplay, Daisy Viktoria, Cosplay Bears, Toria Costuming, Design & Cosplay, Going Postale, Elle Ruoff, and many others. (Please note that all photos of children were taken with the permission of their parents/guardians.)  

If you see yourself in this gallery, feel free to comment or contact us on Twitter so that we can give your hard costuming work credit. Be sure to follow us for more cosplay adventures, and stay tuned for more news from Comikaze.

Until next time,

The Collected Mutineer/Exhausted Photographer

P.S. Find me on Twitter @ImpalaMutineers

P.P.S. Did you note a lack of Star Wars cosplay? Visit us again on December 4 for our #CollectiveSmash rewatch of “Attack of the Clones,” during which we will feature the best of SW costuming. 


  1. Caitlin Going Postale

    Hey there! I’m the Sansa Stark (red hair, pink dress) toward the beginning of your album. I’m on facebook/instagram/twitter as Going Postale/@goingpostale.

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