Geek Chic Zombie Survival Kit Edition: 6 Items You Need For the #Cotopacalypse

Meet Cotopaxi, a company that creates innovative outdoor products and experiences that fund sustainable poverty relief. If we had all access to their warehouse during the zombie apocalypse, these are the items we’d grab first.

The Collective Tribe

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The Collectress’ Picks:

Kusa Jacket Half-Zip $169


It’s insulated. It’s chic. And it will go with my shark bite suit nicely.

Nepal 65L Backpack  $229

When the zombie apocalypse happens, you’ll have the weight of the world on your shoulders. Might as well carry it in style.


Agua Water Bottle in Stainless Steel $25

It’s lightweight. It’s durable. And on the off-chance I find a working Keurig in a zombie-ridden world, my coffee will stay warm for up to twelve hours so I can take my time enjoying it.SS-500_1024x1024

Diva’s Picks:

Join or Die T-Shirt $22

This is in reference to The Collective Tribe. Join us, or die, human.


Chiquito Travel Journals $9

It’s never a bad idea to write down your experiences. There are a few things I would horde during an apocalypse, and paper plus writing utensils are definitely on that list.

Chump Travel Duffel $119

I’m more of a duffel girl than a backpack lady, but this is both, so that’s good. Stylish and durable, I could throw this on the back of Daryl Dixon’s bike and be ready to roll.