Fanfic Wednesday: “Sins of the Father”


Sins of the Father” by thesecretmichan (AO3)

Pairings: Tony Stark/Steve Rogers
Word Count: 24073
Warnings: There is a fair amount of graphic horror. Mind the tags. 

Author’s Summary

The thing purred into his ear, “Howard Stark once called Tony his greatest creation. He said it was because he believed Tony was going to change the world. Do you think that was the truth, Steven Rogers? Or do you think he had an ulterior motive?”

My Thoughts

I went looking for something a little creepy to rec in the spirit of Halloween, and I stumbled across this one in the midst of scouring the “horror” tag. The summary intrigued me, as I’m not a fan of Howard Stark’s parenting and wondered what new kind of awful he could inflict on his son. Basically, Howard barters away Tony’s soul to a demon in exchange for finding Steve Rogers again. The SPN fan in me rejoiced at recognising the use of rock salt and crucifixes to ward of evil, and I was truly terrified at some of the descriptions and imagery in Tony’s hallucinations.

In short, read if you want something creepy that ends happily.

-The Collectress

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