Scream Queen Review: “Seven Minutes in Hell”



Now that we’ve reached about midpoint of this Season it’s time for things to start ramping up in plot, humor, and murder. A lot happens this episode so prepare yourselves and say hello to a fairly high body count.

Spoilers ahead, Sweetie…

I know you’re all just dying to know the results of the KKT Presidential Elections. Well, It’s a tie which means both Zayday and Chanel will be Co-Presidents for the time being. While Zayday takes this with great strides Chanel throws the world’s biggest temper tantrum literally screaming, “I hate you all!” stomping up stairs to her room. When Chanel #5 and #3 check on her the noise they assumed to be her sobs of despair turn out to be her cackling with joy.

By now Chanel has realized the KKT sisters are being targeted and her role as president makes her a prime target to be next. She figured Zayday winning the elections would put the focus (and death) on someone else, but being Co-President will work just as well.

Chanel is clearly more concerned about her own well-being than that of her fellow Kappas, but now that Zayday is in charge she and Grace hatch a plan to drag the truth out of the girls in the house. Someone has to know something about why the Red Devil is attacking them and what better way for girls to exchange secrets then over a game of Truth of Dare? That’s right, Kappa is having a Slumber Party!

Across campus the Dickey Dollar Scholars are having an important intervention, trying to convince Chad that he needs to stick to just one popular girl and stop chasing campus faculty members. Chad agrees to this easily, but throughout the episode it becomes more and more of a dilemma as he remembers that monogamy is the worst. Honestly, Chad is one of my favorite characters. While I hate that he’s a misogynistic jerk, his absurd reactions to the events around him make him much more enjoyable to watch than Chanel… who’s just horrible. Anyway, the boys find out about the slumber party and quickly decide to crash it.



Oh and I forgot to mention, that Frat Brother who lost his arms against the chainsaw in episode 3. He’s still alive and he’s actually doing pretty well for himself given his lost limbs. I gave a quiet cheer when he returned by Chad’s side.

It’s around this time things start getting… strange at the slumber party. For starters #3 is adamant about playing spin the bottle before playing any other slumber games. The show isn’t subtle about her reasoning behind it, for a while now we’ve see the weird but steady development of #3’s relationship with pledge Sam. Now she’s ready to explore her feelings a little more.

I’ve been quietly dancing around Sam’s presence in these reviews because the show doesn’t seem to know what to do with her. She’s the quiet lesbian presence that sometimes feels like it’s there to check that representation box on the cast list. In short, she’s treated pretty horribly as a character with zero lines and nothing really insightful (or even funny) to say. She just feels like a ghost. A ghost who gets horrible slurs thrown her way by Chanel, but a ghost who might now have a chance… at love?

This is also where it comes to light that the girls have been locked in the house, with all the windows sealed as well. It’s a good idea gone wrong when Chanel turned the entire house into a panic room because of… they need protection. I guess. Ok, so the circumstances are pretty flimsy and so is the off handed reasoning why all the girls’ cellphones don’t work. That’s alright though because the Dickey Dollar Scholars are on their way and they are ready to Par-tay.

College kids, drinking, and sexual tensions, this sounds like a recipe for a killer to appear. And appear he does.

As the boys ascend a ladder to Chanel’s window, our favorite armless brother struggles to make it up the steps without the help of his arms. The Killer drags him to the ground and kills him in front of his brothers. RIP Armless Fraternity Brother, you are a feelting but surprise enjoyment.

Now the group is really trapped inside, with a killer lurking in the yard. Now it’s time to squeeze some truth out of college kids with a rousing game of Truth or Dare. This is the perfect moment for the show to give us some answers, to help the audience narrow down who the killer could be but the game does little but show us everyone is a little bit suspicious.


During the game Sam is asked to reveal #3’s deepest darkest secret, that she’s Charles Manson’s daughter. At least, she thinks she is. I personally think this is all a strange delusion, but that’s neither here nor there. Now that the group knows they immediately suspect her. Angry, #3 dares Sam to go downstairs alone. In a show like this, it’s pretty much a death wish.

It turns out it really is a death sentence when the devil shows up and murders Sam, but before she breathes her last breathe she asks to see his identity. Nothing about Sam’s dialogue or her facial expressions shine any clues on who the killer could be, so the whole exchange proves to be kind of bland.

But now the killer is in the house and the death rate keeps climbing.

With the game of Truth or Dare forgotten, the group moves on to more important things. Chanel and Chad hash out their relationship status and #5 enjoys some alone time with Roger. That is… until the killer interrupts them. He murders Roger and oddly enough disappears without harming #5. I think it is realistic to say now that he isn’t just harming KKT. The number between both the Sorority Sisters and Frat boys is about even, so I have to wonder… is there more going on here then we’re being led to believe?


After the devil’s escape, Chad discovers a trap door that could only be the escape route. Chanel and Zayday agree to go down and investigate. The tunnel leads to a strange bunker under the building, and the Devil is waiting for them. The girls try to run but Zayday gets left behind to fend for herself. Things are looking bleak for her when Chanel comes from behind and knocks the Devil out. The two escape, unharmed, but they don’t even think to look at the Devil’s true face.

Flashforward to the next day where Chanel commends the group for surviving another attack. They only lost one girl, so technically they’re beating the boys on body count. All of this calls for a celebration in the form of a spontaneous dance party. Yeah, I was a bit confused too but hey, who doesn’t like a good dance party?

It’s an odd but upbeat ending for such a jammed packed episode. With everyone in the house there’s a lot to think about as far as our list of theories goes. Essentially this is what I’m left with, everyone could easily still be the Devil since there are two of them and everyone is suspicious. This all adds up to the biggest point of all, no one is safe.

Episode Body Count: 3

RIP Roger, Sam, and Armless Frat Brother


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