CollectiveSmash Presents: An Epic Star Wars Rewatch

Original artwork: Disney/Lucasfilm
Original artwork: Disney/Lucasfilm

This is the epic rewatch you are looking for.

Yes. The Collective and Keysmash are getting together to do an epic rewatch of all the Star Wars films, starting Friday November 6th and happening each Friday at 6pm PDT until the opening of the newest addition to canon, Star Wars: The Force Awakens on December 18th. Each Star Wars Friday, we will live tweet our film rewatch with Keysmash Blog, our sisters from another mister, as well as offer up Star Wars-centric trivia during our rewatch, plus, we have a few blog posts on fashion, comics, fanfic and more we want to share with you each Friday. Be on the lookout for cross-posted pieces, combined fave lists and more as we work our way through the Star Wars films with Keysmash Blog. If you haven’t visited their website, DO SO NOW! We love them and cannot wait to nerd-out about Star Wars together.

We hope you’ll join us as we prepare ourselves for the new Star Wars film with copious amounts of old Star Wars films. We’ll be hashtagging #CollectiveSmash and #StarWars, so come find us over on Twitter and join in the conversation.

C. Diva

Find me over on Twitter and Tumblr rambling, per usual.

CollectiveSmash Epic Star Wars Rewatch Schedule:

Star Wars: Friday, November 6

The Empire Strikes Back: Friday, November 13

Return of the Jedi: Friday, November 20

The Phantom Menace: Friday, November 27

Attack of the Clones: Friday, December 4

Revenge of the Sith: Friday, December 11


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