Five Reasons to Watch “Killjoys” on Syfy


#5: Bounty Hunters, in Space!

This show is just that, bounty hunters in space.  And it’s rad as hell. Action, adventure, intrigue, spaceships, flashy weapons, mind control, heart; this show has it all.  It’s fun and campy, but avoids being cheesy or too predictable.  The world building is phenomenal, the societies encountered feel really fleshed out.


Killjoys are neutral bounty hunters that work as teams to apprehend criminals across “the Quad”, a quaternary planetary system on the brink of a class war.  Killjoys are able to go where others can’t in pursuit of their bounties and loyalties are tested when “The Warrant Is All”.

Creator Michelle Lovretta, who was a writer and producer on Lost Girl, and Executive Producers David Fortier and Ivan Schneeberg, both EPs on Orphan Black, are the team behind this show, and the majority of the reason I was stoked for it to come out.  I see a lot of similarities in the three shows; strong female leads, charismatic supporting cast, deep friendships between the characters that feel authentic from the very beginning.

#4: The Cast on Twitter

I am a huge sucker for cast/fan interactions on twitter.  I love getting that back and forth from actors and writers of some of my favorite shows; Hannibal and Supernatural are prime examples.  The cast of Killjoys is no exception.  Both Hannah John-Kamen and Aaron Ashmore are active on twitter, along with secondary cast members Thom Allison, Nora Mclellen, Tamsen McDonough, and Sean Baek .  Nora, who plays Bellus, follows fans back, which is super fun, plus she was on the latest season of Orphan Black, so I flailed all the more.  I’ll admit I’m behind on the twittering a bit with cast members, but friends in the fandom have assured me that it’s great fun when the cast tweets during episodes.

#3: Relationships

If you know me, you know that I am a proud shipper of many ships, not limited to Destiel (Supernatural), Hannigram (Hannibal), Valkubus (Lost Girl), Bo/Dyson (Lost Girl), Stucky (Marvel), Clintasha (Marvel) and many more.  I also have a few BroTPs, but we could be here all night, and ain’t nobody got time for that!


Suffice to say, Dutch and Johnny have one of my favorite friendships on the show.  They have history, and are more like brother and sister than commander and subordinate.


Johnny and D’avin are brothers trying to reconnect after a long separation and have to find a way to reconnect that doesn’t leave each other bloody, given that their reunion is on a sort of prison ship and D’avin is the bounty.  Their evolution was a joy to watch, especially given my frustrations with a certain other pair of brothers who shall remain nameless.

I have a soft spot for Johnny/Lucy as well, because who doesn’t want a ship with a ship?? (Fully cognizant that I am a masochist, thanks).  Dutch/D’avin makes an appearance as well, and while I was completely expecting it after two seconds of their interactions in the pilot, some of the best scenes with Dutch are also with D’avin.  She really shows her vulnerability with him, and without giving too much away, sparks really fly when they finally hook up.  I’m not a huge fan of heterosexual ships, but I have my favorites.  I am looking forward to where they take those two next season.  Just as long as Johnny and Lucy get to have some more interaction too.  Can we get a holodeck over here??

One other thing that was super important for me on this show with one female lead and two male leads was that it not turn into a love triangle.  I am not here for Twilight and Hunger Games style of pitting people against each other.  In an ideal world we’d have more poly relationships, that’s the kind of love triangle I’m here for.  There is a bit of tension in the group when the inevitable happens and Johnny has to adjust to, as he puts it, “His brother sleeping with his sister”, which is not as incest-y as it sounds, promise!

#2: Eye Candy

Aaron Ashmore, not to be confused with his twin brother Shawn, is the cutest cutie to ever cute.


Johnny sorta flies under the radar, the smarter techie guy of the trio, but when he goes off he’s one BAMF.

D’avin, Johnny’s brother, is played by Luke Macfarlane.  D’avin is a former soldier and is the brawn of the team, running from a traumatic past, he is trying to reconnect with his brother and find some peace and atonement.  Also dude is all big and muscley so that doesn’t hurt.


#1: Dutch

And that brings us to Dutch.


Played by Hannah John-Kamen, an English actress of mixed heritage, Dutch is easily one of my favorite female characters on TV right now.  Dutch is kickass and smart and tenacious and leads the team well.  She has a mysterious past, which comes into play over the course of the season, but it didn’t feel tropey to me.  She is also vulnerable at times, which I often find lacking with “strong female characters” of the cookie cutter variety.  All too often female characters are written only one way or the other, the damsel or the vixen, the bitch or the mom.  Dutch covers a range of archetypes and each one feels authentic.  Plus she’s super hot.  There is an excellent fight scene at one point where she is going up against a bigger, stronger male character and she is in these little booty shorts, and he’s shirtless, and it’s just fantastic eye candy all the way around.

In short, check out Killjoys.  It’s a fun, sexy space romp that I enjoyed a lot.  It was on the bubble for a bit there, but has been renewed for a second season.

A Little Bit About Emmyloo: I’m a science nerd with a degree in Chemistry looking for work anywhere and in the meantime I’m watching all your favorite shows and headcannoning everyone as queer.  I’m currently watching The Walking Dead, American Horror Story: Hotel, How To Get Away With Murder, and binge watching The X Files and Friends on Netflix.  I occasionally write Destiel fanfic too.  You can find me on TwitterTumblr, and AO3.


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