Scream Queens Review: “Pumpkin Patch”


This episode focused on Chanel’s Halloween bash as she puts together a Pumpkin Patch. As a whole the episode reflects Chanel, as a character in almost every way. From beautiful lighting, scenery, cinematography.  And the focus moved to the ranks of Chanel as the sisters schemed together and began to pull apart. This was definitely more of a serious episode… well, as serious as Scream Queens can get anyway.

Spoilers ahead, Sweetie…

The Pumpkin Patch is more of a pumpkin display with artistic statues that lead up to a Shining inspired maze. The whole thing costs a fortune and it’s so pretty I honestly wish I could go. It should come as no surprise that Chanel did zero of the actual work, leaving all that to a coordinator and the other Chanels. All that work may go to waste though because in the aftermath of “Haunted House” and the abduction of Zayday, Dean Munsch has canceled Halloween on Campus. Noooo!

I mean, you just don’t tell the richest girl on campus that her favorite holiday is cancelled. So it should come to no surprise that Chanel will still have the Pumpkin Patch as planned and has costumes for all her minions. I do love that she planned theme of Presidential Widows, with Chanel playing the stylish Jackie Kennedy and Chanel #5 getting the role of crazy Mary Todd Lincoln. We see #5 finally break and states that she can’t take it anymore, but just as soon as the scene starts it stops with Chanel blackmailing her into place.

#5 definitely shows just how crazy she is this episode and I can’t even blame her. I think her crazy is a product of years spent being abused by Chanel. It’s only natural that her bottled up anger comes out in fits of crazy.  The fact that we’re seeing this more and more can’t be a good reflection of her psyche. Hester (#6) though is willing to manipulate the situation as she begins to show her own true colors. So far she seems just as manipulative and possibly crazier than Chanel, making me wonder if she’ll grow into a bigger antagonist as the season goes on. But for now, she’s trying to convince #5 to get even with her torturer.

Which brings us to the moment when Chanel goes to jail. I’m not kidding, someone tipped off the cops to her involvement in killing Ms. Bean. While we’re lead to believe it was #5, I think one of the other sisters is to blame.

Meanwhile, the story moves to Zayday who is trapped in the Devil’s layer. It’s a scene straight out of Silence of the Lambs (marking the second movie reference), as she is trapped in a pit while the Red Devil looks down on her. The good news is she’s alive, the bad news is we don’t know for how long.

Grace and Pete are still looking for her and go to her father for help. They walked in on her dad and Gigi who finally admit that they’re in a relationship. Maybe it was just me but as Wes and Gigi were discussing things*ahem* in bed, Gigi made an off handed comment about Grace’s mom. I like Gigi a lot as a character, but in the wake of Scream Queens throwing us tons of red herrings it would be interesting that something so subtle was an actual clue to the killer. Either way, I’m not knocking Gigi off the list of involved suspects.

Teaming up with Officer Hemphill the gang uses the power of technology to geo-locate Zayday’s phone and head off to the location of the Red Devil.

On the opposite side of campus Chanel is freed by #3 and suspects #5’s involvement in her arrest. As punishment she forces #5 to go out to the Pumpkin Patch and light the pumpkins knowing full well that this would be an opportune moment for the killer to strike.

With blackmail hanging over her head #5 begrudgingly goes, but she brings back up in the form of the two frat brothers she’s dating (Roger and Dodger.) As we have seen in previous episodes the Frat Boys don’t do much when it comes to the Red Devil and this time is no exception. When the Devil shows up its three against one but the gang runs into the Shining Maze. The boys decide now is a good time to proclaim their love for #5 and make her choose between them, a move that confuses even #5 who’s only priority is to stay alive. She’s pick Roger and the team splits up, leaving Dodger as an easy victim for the devil. He dies a very Jack Nicolson inspired death at the hands of the Devil, RIP Dodger.


But #5 has made it out alive.

In the devil’s lair Grace finds the pit where we last saw Zayday and… she’s not there. She’s gone and we are left to wonder if the insightful Officer Hemphill really was right when she said Zayday was in cahoots with the Devil. It’s at this moment when the lights turn off, and in another homage to Silence of the Lambs, the Devil stalks his pray using night googles. In particular he’s following Hemphill and Gigi who separated to investigate another room. Hemphill accidentally tases Gigi in fear, and Gigi accidentally tases the killer right back.

They got him! Excited, Hemphill runs out to get the others but when they return the killer knocked Gigi upside the head and escaped. A likely story, Gigi is steadily climbing up on my suspicious list.


Among all this excitement Chanel plans to finish off the night with the vote for KKT president. Since Zayday and Grace are gone, she hopes this will increase her chances. The girls are about to vote when…

Zayday walks into the room. Unharmed.

She explains that the Devil pulled her out of the pit and tried to wine and dine her. Apparently the Devil has a thing for her, or maybe he really was trying to get her to work with him. We’ll never know because she stabbed him with a fork and ran!

So, Zayday is back and we’re happy no one major died this episode! But there has to be more right? Scream Queens never leaves us without a little twist. In the final moments we see Gigi walking home alone, just as my suspicion-alarm starts going off we see her meeting up with none other than the Red Devil! She gives him guidance saying, “He’s got to go” and the devil nods.

We know that there are two Red Devil’s running around, meaning one must have captured Zayday and the other killed off Dodger. So the question is which one is Boone and who is the other Devil? I’m beginning to develop more theories about Gigi’s role in all of this but that’ll have to wait until the next time.

Episode Body Count: 1

RIP Frat Boy Dodger

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