Supernatural Recap: “Form and Void”


Episode 11×02 AKA “The One with the Dark Baby”

Well, the hellatus is over and Darkness is unleashed on the Earth. Dean has become a guardian to Teh Dark Baby; Sammy is infected by the rage monster virus, and Castiel has been cursed by Rowena. I’m guessing the Winchesters won’t be getting sunshine and puppies anytime soon…Warning there be spoilers ahead.


The CW
The CW

“Form and Void” lights up on Sam capturing another one of the Infected. We know now that Sam has a deep need to save people, to recapture the part of the job that is about much more than white man pain. He’s desperate to find a cure–not only to save his own skin, but to save the world. Sam encounters a reaper named Billie who delivers a message: the Reapers aren’t happy that Death is gone, and now? Now the Winchesters aren’t on The Afterlife Express to either Heaven or Hell, but rather a one-way ticket into the Void, from whose bourne no traveller returns.

In other words: no more second chances, boys.

A frustrated Sam goes to a chapel to pray, something we haven’t seen him do in a long, long time. “This is my fault and I don’t know how to fix it,” Sam says. He’s not looking for forgiveness for himself though; he’s looking for a way to save Dean (expected) and a way to save innocent lives (also expected.) What surprised me though, was how Sam ends his prayer:

If you can hear me, I um, we need your help, God. We need to know there’s hope. We need a sign. -Sam

We don’t know if it was the sign Sam was looking for, but he eventually figures out the cure to the Rage Monster Infection is purification through holy oil.

Meanwhile Dean has taken the deputy, Jenna, and the baby to her grandmother’s house, where it should be safe. And it would be, if the deputy hadn’t brought home the incarnation of the oldest evil in the universe. And when the oldest evil in the universe gets hungry, what does it eat?


“It sounds like something out of The Exorcist,” says Sam. And, speaking of exorcisms, Jenna’s grandmother called in an exorcist who is, wait for it…

the CW
the CW

“Father” Crowley is called to the scene for what he suspected was normal demonic possession (what is my life that I even write “normal” in front of “demonic possession”?). The King of Hell is aware that whatever is in Jenna’s house is a lot more powerful than the average demon (again, what is my life?) and he’s motivated to gain that power for himself. So when the Dark Baby eats Deputy Jenna’s souls and makes her kill her grandmother, and, well, Dean still tries to protect Teh Dark Baby, but Crowley? He decides to destroy the newly-matured Dark Toddler.

Or does he? Because luring the Teh Dark Toddler into a van with the promise of souls seems more like a manipulation for power than assassination.

Meanwhile Castiel has been taken and beaten to a pulp by his angelic douche monster brethren. They’re determined to torture Cas until he reveals Metatron’s or the Winchesters’ location. After which they will most likely kill him.

Luckily, Hannah (in their spiffy new vessel) appears just in time to save Cas. Except, it’s not so much luck as it is by design. The Douche Monster Brethren have used Hannah to get Castiel to spill his guts about the Winchesters, and Castiel does so by confirming the release of the Darkness. Once he figures out Hannah’s loyalty, he’s heartbroken. “Why Hannah?” he asks. “We were friends.” Hannah’s response? “That was before Metatron.” The angels decide to hack Castiel’s brain to get the information they want, and for the first time, I suspect that Castiel is grateful for Rowena’s curse, which gives him the super-strength he needs to free himself and obliterate his douchey brothers. The fandom cried a little bit when Hannah met the end of an angel blade, thereby effectively severing any loyalty and connection Castiel still had to Heaven.

What This Episode Reveals About Team Free Will

the CW
the CW

Dean Winchester

We’ve now seen Dean protect the baby against all logic twice. This time, it was after his discovered of the Mark on the baby’s body, which means he knows that the child is evil. He remembers Amara’s words, “We will always help each other” and perhaps he’s beginning to understand that his protective instinct isn’t entirely by choice.

Here’s a thought, Dean: stay away from everyone until you figure this out. Kinda like what Sam did in this episode.

Sam Winchester

Oh, Sammy, where do I begin with you?

Sam’s need to atone for his mistakes reminds me so much of season eight that it hurts. Anytime I think of the season eight finale, I cry a little inside, and Sam’s prayer made me cry buckets. The prayer indicates to us that Sam is looking for someone, or something to have faith in. “Hell, I don’t even know if you’re out there,” Sam prays. It breaks us a little to know that Chuck is still around (as is evidenced by “Fan Fiction“) and the he is the one Sam is praying to, but Sam doesn’t know. The “visions” that happen after Sam’s prayer could either be the sign he was looking for or some unintended side effect to his infection. Only time will tell.


This episode was the final nail in the coffin of the dead relationship between Castiel and his family. He’s the angel that’s chosen, repeatedly, free will and the Winchesters over Heaven and its doctrines. This choice almost cost him his life, this time. Castiel appears in the bunker at the end of the episode, a single plea of “Help me” escaping from his lips. Something tells me that the Winchesters will be forgetting about the Darkness for a while and focusing on breaking Rowena’s curse instead.

The Big Picture

the CW
the CW

While the Big Bad for the season is definitely Amara/Teh Darkness/Dark Toddler, Crowley has reemerged as a powerful adversary. He’s not Mr. Nice Demon any longer. “I’m not your bloody sidekick!” Crowley tells Dean.

Oh good, so this means no more bad karaoke or bar hopping, right?

As for The Darkness, I think we’ve already gotten a big clue on how to defeat it (her?)–the Void. If nothing can come back from the void, according to Billie the Reaper, then it also stands to reason that the Darkness cannot return either. Another clue to a possible defeat of the Darkness is in the holy oil that Sam used to cure his infection. We can assume that holy oil is connected to God, and if a connection to God can defeat the Darkness’ rage monster illness, it indicates that God is more powerful than the Darkness…right?

Some biblical verses to ponder as we think about what season 11 might bring to us:

  • And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not. -John 1:
  • For ye were sometimes darkness, but now [are ye] light in the Lord: walk as children of light: -Ephesians 5:8
  • The people which sat in darkness saw great light; and to them which sat in the region and shadow of death light is sprung up. -Matthew 4:16
  • And I will bring the blind by a way [that] they knew not; I will lead them in paths [that] they have not known: I will make darkness light before them, and crooked things straight. These things will I do unto them, and not forsake them. -Isaiah 42:16

Conclusion: Chuck will be back.

Last thought comes in the form of a tweet from the CW’s Supernatural account.

Any ideas on what’s happening to Sam? (At least his hair is okay.)

Until next week, SPN Family.

-The Collectress

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