Agents of SHIELD 3×02: “Purpose in the Machine”


Okay so this episode wasn’t the most complicated (or exciting) in AoS’s history. After its strong beginning last week, this episode felt a little stagnant in terms of plot, but knowing Marvel, it’s laying down the pieces of the bigger story (I hope?)


The plot is split into four different stories: the main SHIELD team’s endeavour to rescue Simmons, Agent May’s “vacation,” Ward’s new intent to get HYDRA back into shape, and Hunter’s mission to kill Ward. The primary focus is, of course, Fitz trying to rescue Simmons, because he needs her.

property of ABC
property of ABC

But before the hunt for Simmons truly begins, we see that Bobbi and Hunter have reconciled and are lovey dovey–although she isn’t happy to be left behind in the lab while Hunter goes on a one-man mission to hunt down Grand Ward.

Speaking of Ward, Grant is back and badder than ever. He’s determined to keep HYDRA from becoming “soft” and kidnaps Baron von Strucker’s son–because what could give Grant’s new HYDRA bad ass legitimacy faster than recruiting the son of one of its most infamous former leaders? Answer: someone with a red skull, but since he’s readily unavailable, Baby Strucker will have to do.

The SHIELD team, now all fully aware of Fitz’s mission to save Jemma, enlist the help of the Asgardian Randolph…who is happily in jail. It doesn’t take too much convincing to get him on board though, and he shows them some knowledge about the mysterious parchment and how to open a portal that will (probably) lead them to the dimension where Jemma is trapped.

property of ABC
property of ABC

They open the portal, but cannot get it to stay open without the help of Daisy. Isn’t it just lucky that her Inhuman powers allow her to resonate at the exact frequency they need to open the portal?

How very handy.

Fitz and Simmons are Fitz-Simmons once more, and didn’t we all rejoice again because of it?

Meanwhile Agent May…

…is hanging out with her dad? Golfing?

Melinda May is hiding from something. No longer willing to be an active agent of SHIELD, she seems content to be near her father and live a relaxing lifestyle. Knowing what she’s been through, I’d say she’s earned it. However, Hunter tracks May down and attempts to convince her to help him on his one-man crusade to kill Grant Ward.

She turns him down. But then she doesn’t.

Where We’re Headed

property of ABC
property of ABC

Daisy Johnson is becoming a rather efficient and powerful leader of both SHIELD and the Inhumans. The arrival of Joey last week indicates that more Inhumans might be “activating” and heading to our television screens. This reminds me of Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 7’s potential-Slayers making their way to Sunnydale for the Scooby Gang’s protection. Is Daisy the Buffy of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? 

It kinda looks like it. And I’m okay with that because not only is she incredibly smart and powerful, but she also has an incredible amount of compassion and a willingness to do the right thing, no matter the cost to herself. That sounds pretty Buffy to me, and as the season progresses, I’m really intrigued to see how that factors into the bigger storylines.

-The Collectress

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