Scream Queens Review: “Haunted House”



As one would expect, Scream Queens has geared up for an eventful Halloween themed episode this week. But before we jump into that, there’s a special message from Chanel to all her Instagram followers. Surprisingly Halloween is Chanel’s favorite holiday, or maybe this isn’t surprising if we think she’s a sorority girl capable of murder. Either way, she goes big, deeming it Chanel-O-Ween and sending out boxes with strange Halloween gag gifts inside. This is a clear parody of Swiftmas, when Taylor Swift reached out to fans on Christmas. The scenes are bizarre, funny, and a little offensive but overall very Chanel.

So, from me to you readers. Happy Chanel-O-Ween.

Spoilers ahead, Sweetie…

Super sleuths Grace and Pete have tracked down a girl who was in KKT in 1995. Finally, we meet one of the sisters who was present for the bath murder. Mandy, is a more than a little eager to spill her guts about the events of that fateful night explaining how Dean Munsch (at the time Greek Administrator Munsch) helped the girls hide the body. The entire story telling is done extraordinarily well, revealing that Munsch can be a bit terrifying when she has murder on the mind. This is shown as she expertly drives the girls to unknown location and watches as they dig the grave of their friend. I can only assume she made them dig the grave so if any evidence pops up it won’t be pinned down on her.


Mandy doesn’t drop any names, explaining that the girls had all changed them and are either institutionalized or dead. She also has no idea what happened to the baby, but FYI it was a girl. No really, she dropped this information bomb just as some tacked on information even though no one asked.

With that, our suspects for who the baby could be is no narrowed down to the girls of KKT. The obvious choice here is our protagonist Grace, who is motherless with conveniently little information about her birth. Luckily, Grace is competent enough to put two-and-two together and goes off to confront her father.

Who, by the way, is still teaching film class by watching classic horror movies. Last week was Texas Chainsaw Massacre and it tied in conveniently with the Devil’s choice of weapon. This week it’s Children of the Corn, leading me to believe the theme of this week is the relationship between child and parent. It could be argued that this entire series is about this relationship considering the murders are tied to the mysterious Bath Baby. (That’s what I will be calling her.)

At the Kappa house, Zayday has announced she plans to run for sorority president making an instant enemy out of Chanel. The house is torn, but we’re left to question the loyalty of the Chanel’s. If push came to shove would they really stand behind their leader, we’ve already seen hints of the Chanel ranks crumbling. Chanel #5 is quick to snap at anyone who goes against the Laws of the Sorority (including Chanel), Chanel #3 has become secret alibi buddies with a pledge, and Chanel #6 is oddly obsessed with becoming just like Chanel.


Zayday plans a Haunted House in order to raise money for a cause in order to prove she’s worthy of becoming president and Chanel comes up with an alternative Haunted Pumpkin Patch to compete. This episode mainly focuses on the Haunted House with the promise of the Pumpkin Patch next time. The house they’ve picked is a local legend, an old shack where a Hag ghost haunts looking for her dead baby. When Zayday, Grace, and Pete check out the house it’s filled with creepy dolls and deemed perfect for the Haunted House!

I was disappointed that Officer Hemphill didn’t have a big role this episode but even with her few scenes she continues to impress me as a character. Hemphill could have easily fallen into the usual bumbling cop stereotype. While she may be a bit silly she also says the most insightful things like that fact that someone is SURE to die at the Haunted House, and it is the perfect place for the killer to strike. It’s also revealed that she sees a lot of herself in Zayday, because Hemphill tried to pledge KKT in the 80’s and was ultimately disregarded because of her color. God, I really hope both Hemphill and Zayday tag team and ultimately catch the Devil in the end. I hope I hope I hope.

Amidst all of this Chanel #6 is revealing her creepy personality. She’s obsessed with Chanel and now that she’s gotten a makeover she wants everything Chanel has. Including being the sorority president and dating Chanel’s ex-boyfriend Chad Radwell. Together, she and Chad share a weird love of the macabre and …. Necrophilia. This leads them to go to the soon-to-be haunted house, hoping the place will set a scary mood for them to get their freak on. Instead, what they find is Ms. Bean, Chanel #2, and pretty much all the other dead missing bodies. Added to the body count is Mandy, who the Red Devil strangled in her trailer. RIP Mandy.

The couple is normal enough to freak out over this discovery, but oddly enough the rest of the campus doesn’t seem concerned that the Haunted House has REAL dead bodies. In fact, this only makes it cooler. I don’t know what to think about this weird turn of events, even #6 and Chad knew where to draw the line, because I suppose it adds to the satire of the whole show.


Though her house is a hit, Zayday is understandably upset about the dead bodies and reasonably tries to call the police. I say tries because it doesn’t exactly work out. The campus police are not helpful and the Red Devil attacks Zayday before they can actually agree to help. Don’t worry though, she isn’t being added to the body count. We haven’t seen a body yet, and I’m relatively sure Zayday will be alive for another week (at least.)

Her disappearance and the dead bodies lead the Police to KKT sorority house, but Dean Munsch seems suspiciously against admitting that anything is wrong with the campus. Out of all the victims ONLY three have been college students. Chanel doesn’t much care because HER Halloween bash is about to begin.

As for that Haunted House, well it’s closed but the Hag is heard crying from it in the final moments of this episode and that Hag is shown to be none other than Gigi, the KKT attorney. I have guessed since the beginning that Gigi was one of the girls involved in the 1995 party, but now I think it’s safe to assume she was the Sorority sister who held the baby and refused to leave its side. Scream Queens may still surprise me, but I have to wonder what happened to the baby?

Next week we’ll step into Chanel’s Haunted Pumpkin Patch for the second part of Scream Queen’s Chanel-O-Ween bash!

Body Count: 1
RIP: Mandy, KKT Sister of 1995




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