HTGAWM S2xE03 Recap: “It’s Called the Octopus”

I power watched season 1 of HTGAWM so that I could enjoy the second season live and, after discovering that I have a really disturbing obsession with the topic, I’ve decided to pen weekly reviews of this ground-breaking show. If you’re not caught up with the current season, visit Netflix and watch Season 1, then go to to watch season 2 with me. Enjoy!

Spoilers ahead, Sweetie…

S2xE03: “It’s Called the Octopus”

The Case

From the beginning, this episode is all about sex. Not in a shameful, secretive way, but a positive, adult-enjoyment, live-and-let-live, sort of way. Each main character is explored via their sex life, which runs the gambit from super hot to kind of depressing. Michaela and Levi (whom we found out isn’t Eggs911, that was Rebecca) are having almost sex, as are Connor and Oliver, while Laurel and Frank went from having hot bearded tough guy sex to almost sex, but with too many hurt feelings on hot bearded guy’s part for it to happen. Also not having sex are Wes and Annalise, thank god, but now Annalise isn’t having sex with anyone, including Eve or Nate, which can’t be good for her disposition. The only people actually having sex are Bonnie and Asher, which doesn’t last long, because she thinks all his sneaking around with the D.A. is really him sneaking around and getting laid elsewhere. Come on, Bonne! There’s no way Asher would cheat on you, darling. Put it together, because this D.A. is kind of a dick and I’m over her.

Also maybe having sex are Annalise’s clients, the Hapstall siblings, who seem to get caught by the paparazzi snuggling on camera. While this particular case isn’t as interesting as the case of the week, in the flashbacks that grace each episode of season 2 so far, it is in the Hapstall’s foyer that Annalise bleeds out, their front porch the D.A. lies, dead. These siblings, accused of two murders and now “sibcest” (as the news papers aptly name the relationship) have something to do with that flashback scene, and I’m dying (pun intended) to understand.


The case of the week is the catalyst for all this sex talk–and we get an interesting look into the suburban poly scene via the story of Tanya and her sex club, Utopian Circle, where a client of hers has died during a scene. None of her clients will testify for her, even after Michaela and Connor visit the sex club (and yet, neither one of them have sex, even though Michaela has already admitted to NEVER having an orgasm, poor bby) and, they were proably smart not to do so, because, turns out, Tanya is guilty. Regardless, Annalise isn’t losing a case, and so she paints enough doubt regarding Tanya’s guilt that the jury has to acquit, and even if she isn’t happy that Annalise accused (very convincingly) the victim’s wife of murder, Tanya is pleased enough with her freedom to send Annalise a thank-you basket with the Vodka Annalise requested (and really shouldn’t be drinking), as well as an invitation to one of Utopian Circle’s sex parties.

Those damn writers got me good, because I swore up and down Annalise was getting ready to go get laid by strangers, but instead she ends up at Nate’s begging for a second chance. Little does Annalise know, Wes is hiding around the corner in Nate’s apartment, attempting to convince him to work against her to “find the truth”. Oh, Wes, as Jack Nicholson once said, you can’t handle the truth. Let mama Annalise do her thing, stop throwing salt in her proverbial game. Whatever Wes’ end game is, we now know that not only Michaela and Connor involved, Nate is as well. In a flashback at the end of the episode, we see the group of them running from the Hapstall house, hiding on the side of the road and then–dum dum dum–Nate picks them all up in his car. AND SCENE.

The Verdict

I care about Annalise and I care about the Keating Five. To see them pitted against each other does not make me happy. I want them to blindly follow Annalise and become badass lawyers and sometimes killers, is that too much to ask? Still, out of all the KF, Asher is the least interesting one and suddenly, he has a story line. I want to care about this wannabe dudebro who is really just a dork with no friends, but so far, the show has not followed through on his character development. I also want more Frank and more Levi, and someone needs to tell me what the hell not-Eggs911 is up to, because I sure as hell can’t figure him out.

How to Get Away With Murder is on ABC, Thursdays at 10pm.

xoxo C. Diva

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