FanArt Friday: Guu

Blood Moon (Second Chances art)

Hello Collectors and welcome back to FanArt Friday. It’s been a while, but as the DCBB fics begin to go up, I am reminded of my amazing artist from last year’s challenge and all the hard work that goes into illustrating fanfiction under a deadline. Guu is a student from Argentina who shares her love of fandom by creating original art for transformative fic writers in challenges, such as the Dean/Cas Big Bang, Dean/Cas Happy Endings and the SPN FemSlash Big Bang. On behalf of the writers of fanfic everywhere, we thank you Guu and other artists out there who are inspired by the characters we love and who find something in our work worth drawing.

Enjoy some of my favorite pieces below and click the social media links to follow and the shop links to buy.


C. Diva (if you wanna read my 2014 DCBB “Second Chances”, it’s here)

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