Agents of SHIELD 3×01: “Laws of Nature”


After a long hiatus, my favourite superhero television series is back and is already running strong into its third season. Now, I’m late to the game in watching AoS, having only marathoned it a few months ago when I did my Epic Marvel Rewatch, but I am VERY excited about the direction the show will take us and how it’s going to tie into some of Marvel’s big upcoming cinematic releases. 


After last season’s revelations about the Inhumans, season three lights up on a new character who has experienced a “biomorphic event.” AKA he’s now an Inhuman. Daisy, formerly known as Skye, leads a team to neutralize a man named Joey Gutierrez, whose new powers are incredibly dangerous. S.H.I.E.L.D. agents bring him aboard the Quinjet, where Daisy (not Skye, everyone reminds Coulson) spends quality time convincing him that he’s essentially entering the Inhuman Witness Protection program.


Meanwhile, Coulson is investigating a woman who seems overly interested in the new Inhumans. The S.H.I.E.L.D. team discovers that her name is Rosalind Pike, although she has many other aliases, and it is revealed that she is just as aware of Coulson and his team. In a confrontation with Coulson, she reveals her awareness of the TAHITI program, which, perhaps, indicates that we haven’t seen the end of the storyline. What is discovered in the meeting between Coulson and Rosalind, however, is that there’s another player in action, one that’s leaving a trail of bodies.

This brings us to the third major plotpoint of the opening of season three: the Inhumans. At the end of season 2, we saw the crystals fall into the ocean and infect the wildlife, thereby posing a global problem. This has brought a new mission to the S.H.I.E.L.D. team: find the people who have experience “biomorphic events” and teach them to use control and, you know, not be evil and stuff. Coulson sends Daisy to recruit Lincoln to their cause, and while Daisy is at the hospital where Lincoln works, a very large, very inhuman person attacks the hospital and threatens the agents. (In the comics, his name is “Lash” and he’s not very nice.)Agents-of-S-H-I-E-L-D-Episode-3-01-Laws-of-Nature-Promo-Pics-agents-of-shield-38866042-500-334

Methinks Coulson and Rosalind have figured out who the third party is.

The episode ends with Jemma, who is still alive and running for her life through a large barren wasteland. On another planet. Guardians of the Galaxy tie-in? Or maybe…dare I say it…Thor: Ragnarok?

Where We’re Headed

I’m gonna do my best to not post too many possible spoilers from the comics (who’s to say the showrunners will follow those plots, anyway?) But the opening episode did leave me with a few questions and some possible connections to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe. Agents-of-SHIELD-2

First Question: Where is Hydra? We heard Lance tell Bobbi that he’s going after Grant, but has Hydra finally been decapitated? My guess is no, since we saw an agent or two in this summer’s Ant-Man. (One of whom ran off with a Pym Particle. No biggie).

Next Question: Is Joey Gutierrez going to be a recurring character? As AoS’s first queer and Latino character, the character not only contributes to diversifying the cast but also presents an interesting parallel to his “coming out” as an Inhuman. In a conversation with Daisy, Joey confides that he doesn’t want to have another secret, that he doesn’t want to be in the closet again. Daisy reassures him that it is different, but is it? His sexuality is part of his identity, and as he gains control of his new powers, who is to say that his Inhumanity isn’t? I’m very interested to see more of Joey.

Final Thought: We saw President Ellis give a press conference about the formation of the ATCU, the organization that Rosalind is in charge of. We last saw President Ellis in Iron-Man 3, and it is likely that we will be seeing (or hearing) much more of him in the future as we get closer to the release of Captain America: Civil WarComic spoilers: The ACTU definitely lays groundwork for the Superhuman Registration Act, which will be a key part of CA:CW.

Something tells me we are going to see much, much more of the ACTU as the season progresses.

Next week: Fitz goes looking for Simmons.

-The Collectress

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