HTGAWM S2xE01 Recap: “It’s Time to Move On”

I power watched season 1 of HTGAWM (last week) so that I could enjoy the second season live and, after discovering that I have a really disturbing obsession with the topic, I’ve decided to pen weekly reviews of this ground-breaking show. If you’re not caught up with the current season, visit Netflix and watch Season 1, then go to to watch the season 2 premiere. Enjoy!

Spoilers ahead, Sweetie…

S2xE01: “It’s Time to Move On”

The Case

Season 2 starts off only a few days after the events of Season 1. We know who killed Sam, We know who killed Lila and we find out, before the episode is over, who killed Rebecca. Every one of the Keating Five are twitchy, and with good reason. Annalise is lying about Rebecca running off–we know she’s dead at the hands of someone in the Keating house. Wes, Connor, Asher, Michaela and Laurel are all dealing, not only with the fact that they’ve got to “act normal”and not incriminate themselves after killing Sam, but also each one has a pretty deep shit going on in their personal life.

The intricacies of HTGAWM rely on character development and getting the audience to care about each individual we interact with on the screen. We are sympathetic to the Keating Five because we know bits of their personal lives, who they’re sleeping with and what they’re passionate about. We start off the season addressing the taboo topic of Oliver’s HIV, Connor’s PrEP treatment and the monogamous relationship the couple seems to be attempting this season, regardless. It’s an interesting storyline that makes me hate Connor less and love Oliver more and I’m incredibly invested in their relationship, even if I wasn’t at all last season. While the others in the Keating Five have stuff going on, this was the biggest reveal of the episode for the group and looks to be an ongoing plot point that will take us through the entire season.

Who we don’t know a lot about is Annalise, herself. We met Annalise’s mom (Cicely Tyson),  a smart (kinda mean) little thing last season, and this season brings us Eve (Famke Janssen), the lawyer Annalise told Nate Lahey to call at the end of last season. Eve turns out to be, not just a college buddy, but an ex-girlfriend, which isn’t really a twist, but more of a slow-burn reveal in terms of character traits of the mysterious Annalise Keating.


Yes, ABC is queering up your Thursday nights, and I, for one, am all for it.

What we do know is that Annalise is a masterful manipulator and will do whatever she has to do to get her way, in her personal as well as professional life. I fear that the relationship between Eve and Annalise can only go wrong, because Annalise is all about using people and the ends justifying the means. Still, it’s exciting to have a bisexual character on network television and it NOT BE A BIG DEAL. Annalise’s sexuality isn’t nearly as volatile as, say, her willingness to cover up multiple murders, frame her cop boyfriend or commit legal fraud to win a case.

Finally, we get the news that Bonnie is the person who killed Rebecca at the end of Season 1, which, for some reason, makes Annalise go crazy. I only think it’s odd, because Wes and Frank both killed someone, and they didn’t get a talking to, but poor Bonnie did. I’m firmly in camp “Bonnie loves Annalise”, which makes things even more complex. Honestly, I didn’t think this show could do MORE COMPLEX. Rebecca’s story isn’t finished, though, because we still have Michaela freaking out about “Eggs911”–which means–well, no clue, actually.

The case of the week, as always, relates back to the Keating Five in a subtle way. The couple is “guilty” but Annalise expects her students to help defend them and disregard their apparent guilt. While most of the cases of the week have been throw away plot lines, the scenes from next week’s episode show Wes running from this same couple’s home and Annalise bloodied body on their floor. Something’s about to go down…

The Verdict

I LOVE THIS SHOW. Viola Davis just won an Emmy for her role as Annalise Keating, and it looks as it HTGAWM is only going to get better. The writing is amazing, the mysteries are confusing as hell and I am seriously invested in the character arches. Bring it, ABC!

How to Get Away With Murder is on ABC, Thursdays at 10pm.

xoxo C. Diva

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