Geek Chic: Nerds + Sports

Last weekend, I stumbled across a t-shirt that changed everything. I love a good nerdy t-shirt, but I was completely unawares that nerd culture, a force to be reckoned with, was beginning to permeate sportswear. That’s right, you can now get nerdy sports stuff and flaunt your awesomeness at a game or at the gym. Why buy a boring, polyester microfiber shirt that looks just like everyone else’s when you can stand out as a proud nerd instead? Without further ado, here are seven kick-ass geek chic items that combine nerdiness and sports.

1.) Real Madrid Empire Crossover t-shirt

real madrid empire
Fan Official t-shirt, $25.95

AKA the shirt that spawned an exhaustive internet search last week. I am a huge Real Madrid fan, and who doesn’t love Star Wars? This was the best crossover I’d seen in a long time, and it got me wondering about other potential nerd + sports clothing. This shirt is limited, and you can only place orders until September 27. Move it or lose it!

2.) Catwoman Bathing Suit

Handmade retro-style swimwear by UglyDucklingGalAngel, $133

Okay, so this isn’t really a Catwoman bathing suit. Except it totally is. Not only is this completely retro and amazing, but what better way to subtly and stylishly declare your love for one of the most interesting antiheroines ever created by DC Comics? This fabulous Etsy shop also has other handmade items, including this high waisted bikini that could TOTES be a Captain America swimsuit.

3.) Hogwarts House Soccer Jersey

hogwarts house jersey
Custom Hogwarts House Ladies Quidditch Football Jersey by FanFash, $37+

Because everyone needs a Quidditch jersey to wear to all those Muggle sports events. This is the perfect gift for any Harry Potter fan trying to blend in with the regular humans. Not only can you choose among the four Hogwarts houses (Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff), but FanFash also gives you the options of the Durmstrang or Holyhead Harpies crests.

4.) Doctor Who Baseball Jersey

Time Lords Baseball Jersey by Geeky Jerseys, $105

I never fancied baseball jerseys until now. Not only does this example feature my favourite doctor, David Tennant, but Geeky Jerseys has something for everyone. Their baseball and hockey jerseys feature designs from games, movies, tv shows, and comics (including Game of ThronesThe Walking Dead, and The Legend of Zelda).

5.) Batman Sports Bra

Batman Sports Bra by Hot Topic, $3.98

Some girls can just wear sports bras when they work out. Other girls (*cough*me*cough*) need a sports bra on top of their regular bra when they work out. But no matter the size of the ladies, who doesn’t want a cute bra? If you’re gonna constrict your boobs like that, you might as well be wearing something awesome. Unfortunately, this Batman bra is currently out of stock on Hot Topic’s website. Should we blame the Joker or the Riddler?

6.) Nerdy Workout Tees

So I had to reference the entire Nerd Locker section of Stride Fitness Apparel, because I couldn’t feature just one of their products. They have enormous variety of workout t-shirts, and I pretty much want every single one. Here are just a few of my favorites:

See what I mean?

7.) Yoda Yoga Racerback

Yoga Racerback by Stride Fitness Apparel, $25

This yoga t-shirt could probably have gone with the other Stride tees above, but since it’s under the yoga section of the website, I decided to set it aside. Yoga is my preferred type of workout, and I thought the pun was pretty brilliant. Buy, you should!

Bonus t-shirt

As far as I know, you can only get this in Pamplona, Spain, during the Running of the Bulls. That’s a sport for dumb people right? Anyway, I saw this in a window when I was visiting Pamplona in 2012, and loved it.


Happy nerding.

Until next time,

The Collected Mutineer