Fanfic Wednesday: Spotlight on Wattpad


This week’s fanfic recs will be of a slightly different nature, as I will be reccing many fanfics that can be found on Wattpad.

What is Wattpad?

Good question. Wattpad is a website that promotes reading and writing. Okay, maybe that’s too simplistic an answer to describe something as innovative and amazing as Wattpad. Instead, let me tell you about how I fell in love with Wattpad.

I was encouraged by Emily, who is the fanfiction growth manager at the site, to explore the fanfiction options. I happily did so, creating an account and downloading the app. Honestly, the selling point of the app is that you can download and save fics to your library and open them without wifi connection.

via giphy
via giphy

I cannot stress enough how important a discovery this was to me as a person who travelled 2+ hours a day on the Tube without internet service. No longer did I have to worry about my fanfiction reserves running dry!

Some Awesome Things About Wattpad

  • Wattpad isn’t just fanfiction (although there’s a large and growing community of writers over there). There’s original fiction too, and some pretty famous authors that you might recognise, like Margaret Atwood and Naomi Alderman.
  • Unlike some other popular fanfic sites, Wattpad actually encourages its authors to promote their e-books on the site. There are even a few opportunities to get paid for writing, and there are many stories of Wattpad authors who went on to be published! (Isn’t that the dream?)
  • THE WAY YOU READ. Reading on the Wattpad app is like reading a high quality e-book. It’s just so easy on the eyes. For those of us with tired eyes, it’s lovely.
  • You have a potential audience of 40 million. AND Wattpad has a lovely feature that really allows you to track the demographics of your audience. (That’s key in the writing business. Know your audience, bro.)
  • Unfortunately, while there isn’t yet a way to co-author a story with your friends, Wattpad does have a really engaging community of writers. I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent in the Wattpad Club Discussions. (Okay, confession: I did it under another pseudonym because I wanted to gather information but still be anonymous…about my anonymity. My life makes no sense.) So, the Cafe is like the virtual cafe or writer’s salon where you hang out and talk about things like, “What should I name a character who is from ___ and works as ____?” There is also a club that is for improving your writing skills. It’s a great opportunity for people who really want to hone and improve their craft. Also, you meet some great people and can really expand your audience that way.

Why You’re Here: The Fic Recs

Okay, so, as promised, here are the fics that I’ve found on Wattpad and LOVED. You might recognise a few of the authors…

Separated by pairing.

Sherlock Holmes/John Watson (BBC Sherlock)

The Quiet Man by Ivy Blossom. (I’ve recced it before, but the reading experience on Wattpad is so lovely.)
The Progress of Sherlock Holmes by Ivy Blossom. (I stayed up all night reading this one.)

Stiles Stilinski/Derek Hale (Teen Wolf)

First Date? No Big Deal. by whitneydrake (This one is so fluffy.)
The iPod Named Derek Hale by whitneydrake. (I laughed through this whole thing. Stiles is perf.)
A Gentleman’s Agreement by literaryoblivion. (I can’t say enough good things about this author.)
That Escalated Quickly by literaryoblivion. (I laughed and laughed and then I swooned.)
A Kiss and a Promise by literaryoblivion. (Just read everything by this author.)
Cupboard Love by mklutz. (Stiles cooks. It’s sexy.)

Merlin/Arthur Pendragon (BBC Merlin)

doubt by soopernaturul. (Just read it.)

Dean Winchester/Castiel (Supernatural)

The Path of the Fireflies by museaway. (You all know this author. She’s amazing.)
Small Town Charmer by lastknownwriter. (The fluffiest of AUs).

Sansa Stark/Margaery Tyrell (Game of Thrones)

Love is a Battlefield by Anamatics. (I didn’t know I needed a GoT AU with femslash until I read this.)

Peggy Carter/Angie Martinelli (Agent Carter)

The Hustle by Anamatics. (The world needs more Cartinelli)

Emma Swan/Regina Mills (Once Upon a Time) 

Emma Swan and the (Rather) Abrupt Realization That There is Truth in All Stories by Anamatics. (A OUAT/Labyrinth crossover? I could kiss this author.)

The Collective Team is on Wattpad

Yes, we are all over there too! Come find with us and squee with us about your favourite authors!

The Collectiva Diva
The Collected Mutineer
The Collectress

Disclaimer: This is by no means a conclusive list of the fanfic you can find on Wattpad. These are my favourites of the fics I’ve read so far. 

-The Collectress

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